Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wanted: New project

These last few weeks I have spent relaxing and not doing much of anything. After a hectic start to 2010 (Chuckles's wedding, the epic bicycle ride, the drawn-out break up), I just wanted to relax – spend my evenings reading, watching movies and downloaded tv, cutting, pasting and crafting.
But I find myself longing to have something to work on. GirlTalk Events has been somewhat slow this summer as the three of us are figuring out the company’s ins and outs. And I am sure once fall starts we will pick up again at a fast pace (hopefully?? I miss having a more structured social life).
I have been focusing on school work, but I want something more. I have been thinking about volunteering with the library tutoring kids learning to read. I have been considering applying for a regular volunteer position with the homeless shelter again. I have been contemplating signing up for another big ride or run or something to raise money for a cause. I am just not sure what I want to do right now – what direction to go in. What I am sure about is that I felt better about myself when I was giving back in some way. I had this passion when I would speak about the ride, my training, and my fundraising efforts. My enthusiasm felt contagious. I want to feel that again. I want to feel like I inspire others the way I have been inspired.

Do you have anything like that in life? What do you do to give back that ignites you?

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Janine said...

What about setting up some more volunteer events for GT? That way you could get your volunteering done, AND get some events on the upcoming board... A LOT of the ladies are looking for a way to give back... but don't know where to start... I'm certain the bookstore could use another day of help for sure!! Or... you know what we were talking about, doing something like the Potato people... Made by Momma always needs help and has families in need..
I'm looking for something in my new area also... I'll let you know what I find! I get the same way...

I know you'll find a way to help!