Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend to do List

I will enjoy bridesmaid dress shopping without worrying about the shape of my body
I will finish up all the loose ends of this course so I can start a new month with a fresh slate
I will prepare for Sunday morning's book club meeting, finishing The Glass Castle
I will arise early on Saturday to enjoy the every minute of the day
I will write copious thoughts in my journal and try to let this feeling of guilt go
I will buy a new leash and take Molly for a much needed walk

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am greater than x, but lesser than y

Many years ago I picked up a CD based on the cover photograph of a child-like woman with coloured markers all over her face. The artist was Sia. Her album was Some People have Real Problems. I never listened to this album until earlier this week looking for something new to listen to while cooking. I AM IN LOVE ♥♥.

Her cover of I go to Sleep is amazing. Her voice is full of emotion and soul. The entire album is really speaking to me right now and has been on repeat all week. I am sure my neighbours are thrilled. I am also loving The Girl you lost to Cocaine and Academia.

The album even has a secret song Buttons(remember when CDS first were a big deal and the secret song was an even bigger one?? Hi Alanis!) that is kind of upbeat although the lyrics are kind of down.

If you ever see this album while out and about, pick it up. Or just watch Sia on youtube. She does a lot of performances where she signs the lyrics while she sings. Her stage presence is captivating because of it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend to do List

I will finish this course's assignments (or at the least 80% of what needs to be done)
I will make a few homemade pizzas to freeze for later lazy Friday nights
I will enjoy coffee with a friend
I will finish Veronika decides to die for Food and Fiction
I will catch up on some sleep
I will work on my scrapbook
I will sketch a few outfits in my new Fashionary

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feeling blue?

Watch this. How can you feel sad watching cute puppies, live, all day long if you wanted?

Monday, January 18, 2010

A bright flame

Just an ordinary walk home from work....and then I remembered that the torch was coming through. My timing was impeccable :)Sorry for low quality camera pic...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday viewing: Degrassi Jr. High and High School

I miss this show. The New Generation is alright, just not the same.

Click here, here and here for some nostalgia.

I think I may ask for these on DVD for my birthday. I know my friend's SO received them for Christmas and we are supposed to have a Degrassi fest. I hope it happens soon! (HINT HINT)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend To Do List

I will try a few new recipes and stock my freezer in the process
I will finish an essay and a novel for class
I will be present and in the moment of my bff and my night out
I will walk Molly both Saturday and Sunday
I will reduce some more clutter in the form of excessive pens and pencils I have kept for years
I will take this time for me
I will sweep and mop my floors
I will take my vitamin both Saturday and Sunday
I will attempt pilates

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stole this quote

from Tulips and Tea....

"Happiness is taking things as they are"

Why is it so difficult to believe something so simple that could ultimately make life easier and happier? Why is the concept of achieving happiness, a relatively simple feeling, so complex? I want to be happy, I want to help make others in my presence feel happy...

Something took place today that in the long run is a blessing. But today makes me kind of sad. No details will be provided. It's hard to see conceived plans for something never fruit. It is hard to take things as they are and be okay mostly because I think we are taught to make things the best they can be. How can we learn to just take things as they are?

In other news, I should go to bed. And stop thinking. And stop speculating. And try to stop caring. It's hard to change who you are at the core though.

Also, how come new blogger post settings do not include spell check or the ability to add pictures??? What good is the strike through function really?
Sorry for any misspellings...

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Accountability is really important to me. Every time I tell someone that I will do something or be there, I try my hardest to follow through. Sure there have been emergencies when I wasn't able to attend some one's event or finish something on time, but then I make sure to let the person relying on me know.

Today, I was the host for Ice Skating at the Lagoon. It is beautiful out today (above zero) so I wasn't sure about the quality of ice, but as I love skating, I figured it would be fine (it's not like I was hosting a learn-to-triple-axle-your- way-onto-Canada's-Olympic-team event or a hockey game, it was a leisurely afternoon of free skate). I don't have a car. It is an hour or so long bus ride to the Lagoon.

I sat in front of the Cafe/Skate Rental place for over half an hour. Not a single registrant showed up (or maybe they did and didn't see me or have a cell to call me because they didn't know who or where I was???). Nor did they call or email or text me to let me know not to expect them. I am beyond choked at the wasted time. I skated a few laps, but probably because I was partly mad and mostly annoyed that I could have attended to some other things in my life, I did not enjoy myself.

I think if you tell someone you are going to be somewhere, you should go. Or at least call and let them know you won't make it after all (with plenty of notice). Because that someone is counting on you. And we all know how much it sucks to feel let down.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Spread happiness

Check out this website. The concept is so simple and can make so many people feel special. And making others feel wonderful can help you feel wonderful. And that is a great way to start an hour, a day, a month or a new year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Because I am sure you are dying to know... 12 days of cookies was a pretty good experience. I made ten different kinds as there was an issue with my blender taking up smoking when it was supposed to be chopping pecans and cranberries as well as another evening where I was out late. I presented a platter to my maternal family on Christmas Day for desserts and also gave my father a container full for his Christmas dinner at his oldest daughter's house.
The cookies I made in order of making them are:
Sugar Cookies
Snicker Doodles
Cappuccino Crinkles
Orange Creamsicle Cookies
Santa's Whiskers
Cranberry-Orange Pinwheels
Shaped Sugar cookies
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Pumpkin Bars (not pictured, also not a cookie I suppose but more of a cake...)

Most recipes came from Better Homes and Gardens, although I did get one or two off of the Internet. I really enjoyed this and plan on doing it next Christmas season as well.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Online Book CLub idea?

I have noticed a few of my fellow bloggers posting their lists of what they read last year. Being as so many of us are readers, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in an online book club. Each month, a different blogger hosts the book on his or her site and anyone involved in the club discusses the book in the comments section....anyone interested in this idea?

New York, I love you

I saw this movie tonight with my lovely friend Shley. We both have a love affair with New York City (she has been multiple times lucky girl!) and so we enjoyed seeing the parts of the city that we have actually been in. The love stories between people and the connections formed were also beautiful, sad, romantic, hilarious, awkward and everything else that a great love relationship would be. If you have a chance, check this movie out. I was pleased to see so many familiar faces in this move and elated to find out the talented (and shaved!!) Natalie Portman wrote and directed this movie.

I really, really, really want to go back to New York City now. As in, right now! I wish I could pack up and leave.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A wish for 2010 (aka New Year's Meme)

One thing I will learn:

I hope to learn time management. I have a huge goal of completing my undergraduate degree and this means managing every minute more wisely (which means probably spending less time on memes and facebook)

One place I will go:

I hope to go to Vegas. I have never been and I think it will be a fun time for my and my best friend.

One physical habit I will break:
Lounging on my couch all evening after sitting at my desk all day

One physical habit I will cultivate:

Exercising it dancing, walking, running, skipping. This will help me break my lounging habit.

One mental habit I will break:
Thinking that I am not enough.

One mental habit I will cultivate:
Thinking really positively about the outcome and the possibilities that can come with each outcome.

One relationship I’ll repair:
The one I have with Adam. There are a lot of issues we pile up in the corner until the mess takes over and we don't know how to deal with it. I would like to learn how I can change my reactions so that I am not left frustrated and he is not shutting right down.

One work habit I will change:
Showing up on time. I want to be at my desk everyday 15 minutes early. Also, I will stop eating in my cubicle. No more mindless noshing in front of my computer screen.

One thing I’ll throw out:
All of the makeup I carry around that i may one day use....many of these items are close to ten years old and I wouldn't be stupid enough to use it. Yet, I don't throw it away

A second thing I’ll throw out:
The mass amount of pens, pencils, markers, etc. that I have collected. There is no need for 300,000 pens especially if 60% of them do not work.

One thing I’ll eat more often:
Home cooked meals. I want to expand my culinary skills and the best way to do this is to just dive right in with a cook book.

One thing I’ll eat less:
The cafeteria food at work...I have spent way too much money there in the last few months.

One thing I’ll drink more:
Tea. I have opened up the tea gift set my brother bought me for Christmas and have tried three different loose leaf teas. Tea feels really special again.

One thing I’ll drink less: alcohol. I have spent the last ten years partying. I would like to spend the next ten years being more selective about who, when, and where I enjoy a spirited beverage

One overdue e-mail I’ll send, or overdue phone call I’ll make:
I can't really think of anyone that I should be reaching out to.....if I do, will update this.

One resentment I’ll get over:
I hope to get over my insecurity issues...and the resentment they cause within that I take out on the people closest to me.

One person I’ll treat more respectfully:
Me. The more I can respect myself, the better I will respect others.

One thing I’ll spend less money on:
Eating out. It's a waste. Especially fast food, junk food, food I don't really want.

One other change I’ll make in my finances:
Using my credit card way less.

One thing I’ll spend less time doing:
Facebooking. Its time to let it go I think.

And a thing I’ll spend more time doing: Homework. If I want to obtain my degree I need to make a schedule, stick to it and get 'er done.

January 2010: Health

This month I am focusing on my health. This includes exercising regularly, eating healthy and balanced meals, taking my vitamins, drinking less soda and coffee. I want to start creating habits for the new decade that allow me to feel my best.

Today I start with a huge glass of water, a multi vitamin and creating an inspiration/ motivational board for my fridge.

Happy New Year!