Thursday, November 15, 2012

"I've Got One Thing You'll Understand, He's Not What You'd Call A Glamorous Man"

Last year, at this time I spent a week on the beach with this Motley Crew:

We were all so different, but having the bride and groom as our common interest led us to develop friendships that are still nurtured a year later. True to the definition of a motley crew, we were a "roughly organized assembly of characters" and each one of us made the story of Jamaica 2012 that much more interesting. From quiet Pete who broke his toe climbing the falls and drank copious amounts of rum to numb the pain, to newlyweds Erin and Scott who were celebrating with the news they were expecting their first child, to Team Awesome leaders Victoria and JR who discovered love at the resort while drinking away the early hours of the morning.

This group may be one of my favorite Motley Crews, but they were up against HUGE competition. 

For example, these guys are pretty awesome with their promise to never say die:

                                     Picture from here

And I am forever a fan of these guys who came together with the Mighty Flying V:

                                    Picture from here

And of course, what about those that came together to take down the Empire???

                                                      Picture from here

Who are your favorite Motley Crews? Perhaps it's these guys:

                                                       Picture from here

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuned In Tuesday

I recently discovered Songza. I love it! Premade playlists to match my moods through out the day? Genius :)

Right now in my ear is Method Man and Red Man's "Da Rockwilder"

Pure Genius.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The weekend starts here

Happy Friday friends!

We had a huge snowfall take place and more to come! This has me super excited because Rainman and I are doing a winter fun day with our fabulous photographer for engagement pictures. So yes, the roads suck and it takes a bit longer to get places, but you get to wear cute boots, matching mitts and toques, and cozy coats while doing anything!

This weekend we have plans to go tobogganing. Super excited to use our new sleds to whip down the hill and hopefully take them off a jump or two. Plus, being all bundled up and playing together outside is super fun. I can't wait to throw some snow in Rainman's face. See that? ahh, love :) I also plan on video games, some movies and the Breaking Amish 2 hour finale. I love me some bad reality television.

We are also halfway through the Wild Rose D-Tox cleanse, so this weekend will be spent keeping ourselves full with creative meals and not thinking about how much we love to sip adult beverages. That has seriously been the most difficult part. I sure love to enjoy a glass (or bottle) of wine while watching movies or beers while playing video games. I can't even say that I feel all that different on this cleanse, maybe a bit moodier and I don't crave sugar as much today as I did on day 3. I am thankful that I spent so many weeks earlier this year playing "Chopped" to clean out my freezer and pantry. It's really helped me cook fabulous meals with the foods we are allowed to eat. This weekend I plan on fish tacos using boston lettuce leaves for the tortilla shell, chicken shish kabobs and as a treat we are going out for shashimi. Not to mention some hummus, guacamole and salsa to snack on with veggies. Have you ever done a d-tox of some kind? How did you keep your meals interesting?

Of course, it is Remembrance Day on Sunday, so hoping to get to one of the ceremonies downtown and show my gratitude for what I have gained from others' sacrifices.As I have mentioned many times, my paternal grandparents met in a work camp in WWII. I am always thankful for their courage and bravery that allowed me to even exist.

What are your plans for the weekend?