Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

~Open reign of the Plus 1's kitchen to freely hold a bake off with myself. It's such a luxury to have an oven that doesn't change temperature the minute you walk across the room (or the neighbour shuts his door or a bird flies by or a leaf falls from a tree)
~The sweet smell of banana bread filling the house on a chilly night
~A co-worker that I assist telling me I am a great "winger" and letting me know he can see I'm "on the ball" and using other athletic-influenced idioms as though I'm obviously athletic
~pencil skirts and dangerously high heels to prance around the office in (looking cute while being highly efficient and quick witted FTW)
~my sales crew knocking the targets out of the park this month (I can use sport metaphors too) resulting in the chance for me to attend the hockey game tomorrow (will know at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning)
~sipping this cold beer, in Rainman's house, thinking about how lucky I am and how he is worth it all
~crunchy fall leaves that make walking Molly way more fun for me
~the anticipation of seeing my BFF this weekend

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Did you know that I am taking a course in 20th Century Literature? Apparently not a lot of people I talk to daily actually knew this. I guess I tend to discuss other aspects of my life more so than my scholarly gains. Anyway, my contract date for this course is up October 31, 2011.

Which is only 18 days away.

Which, with everything else going on in my life, is coming way too quickly.

To receive credit for the course, I need to complete two assignments, the midterm and the final. Don't worry. The midterm is done AND (as of last night)the first assignment is completed too. I won't go into the details of my analysis on two distinct ways the authors I studied used writing the beginning of their novels, let's just celebrate that I 100% completed it! I have also scheduled my final exam for the 22nd. So, in reality, I am pretty much on track.

I get side tracked. I need to check my email, my facebook, my twitter account, Googleplus, etc. etc. etc. The essay I completed last night (finally) should have taken me maybe two days from start to finish. But I stretched it out over a week (because remember last week when I was thankful for completing it...I may have been slightly over-zealous that i would have the editing part finished that night). And I probably wouldn't even have finished it last night if I didn't yell at myself. And promise rewards for finishing it. And finally set a timer for 20 minutes and told myself I only had to focus for those 20 minutes on my paper and then I could do whatever I wanted.

You know all of those web pages that offer tips to help one focus? This "setting of a timer" seemed to be a consistent trend. And because I was wasting so much of my time focusing on research about how to focus, I thought I would give it a go.

And now I am a raving fan of setting a timer. I was able to finish up my paper in two 20 minute sessions last night. And completing this task that has been hanging over my head for the last week (or year...however you want to look at it) exhilarated me. I wanted to keep going! I started to organize study notes. And created a plan of action for assignment two. I felt so responsible that I took 20 minutes to de-clutter my office space (also known as the kitchen table!). And woke up this morning feeling ready to take on all of the tasks thrown my way.

One of the things I am super fabulous at is procrastinating. And I found the thing that may work for me. And I wanted to share this knowledge. Maybe us procrastinators can unite, and make a plan to take over the world by completing all of those tasks that are haunting us.

We can start tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Universe is telling me something today

As mentioned earlier this week, I am sent a daily email challenge from meyou health. Today's was about taking just ten minutes and focusing on one task, instead of the usual multi-tasking that most of us do. I completed this right away focusing on a task at work, finishing all of the steps as soon as I received the email.

On Wednesdays, one of my favorite blogs, The Simply Luxurious Life, writes a regular feature inspiring her readers to create a more fulfilling life. The last three weeks have been dedicated to becoming more productive filled with tips and ways to focus on the task at hand. The final tip this morning was to reiterate that one should not multi-task in order to see better results.

And then, as I am looking through my twitter feed, Kyle Shewfelt tweets about his new blog post: The Focus Zone.

After reading The Celestine Prophecy a few years ago, I have decided that I too do not believe in coincidences. That when something happens enough times that you start to take notice it is because the Universe is screaming for you to take notice. And today, the universe is demanding that I start focusing on the task at hand if I truly want to be more productive. And so, not one to undermine authority, I am standing up and taking notice and going to spend the rest of the day focusing on one task at a time to see just how much I can accomplish.

Here's to a wicked Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering -Anon

My Plus 1 gave me a calendar last Christmas. Every month has a butterfly and an inspirational quote. Clearly, this guy might kind of know me and what I might kind of like. I finally switched it over to October today and this month's quote struck a chord with me.

Today's Thankful Tuesday:

  • ice cream cake for lunch

  • an increased sense of financial control

  • Cute Plus 1 did something last night to qualm my over-active imagination.♥

  • rocking peep-toe booties with tights and a cozy dress

  • clean house

  • Finishing this damn essay and Arranging the date and time for my final exam

  • Oryx reaching out this morning to lay his paw on Molly's back then going back to sleep. ♥

  • National Taco Day celebrations

  • Wicked team to work with everyday (or week day anyway)
  • Monday, October 3, 2011

    Making a 6 month commitment

    Have any of you heard of MeYou Health? I read about it on lifehacker or mashable or another website like that. Basically, you sign up and everyday a new healthy "challenge" is emailed to you. As you complete the challenge you gain points. It's like playing farmville, but with actual results in your life ;-) The challenges are fairly simple...from having a cup of green tea that day to taking the stairs to crossing an item off of your to-do list.

    Today's challenge was to create a 6 month goal. As so many of us in the blogging community know, a goal is easier to achieve if it is written down and shared with the world so that there is accountability. And, although I shared my goal on the website, I figured it would be best if I shared it here as well. Because I know that here I have a wicked support system cheering for me (even if many of you are silent readers and then talk to me about blog posts in real life).

    The goal I made today that I would like to achieve within the next 6 months (so by April 3, 2012) is putting $10,000 towards my entire debt amount. This includes my car loan, a loan from a family member and my VISA bill.

    Here's to making smarter financial choices!

    And if you decide to join MeYou Health, feel free to add me to your personal connections :)