Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear old dentist

Last year at this time you completed the final stage of my implant eye tooth. Why would it fall out a year later? And why does my new dentist question the things you have done? And how can I word a very polite WTF letter to you so that you will answer my questions about how much knowledge you actually had before possibly experimenting on my mouth? And if you did screw up, how can I go about having you pay me back?
New dentist says he is going to figure out a way to fix this...but I don't know who to believe anymore and really do believe that all dentists are nothing more than greedy cash mongers. I have had so many hands in my mouth over the last year and way too many x-rays that I am worried about my health (not really, just kind of sick of dentists and their machines and their technology).
I can't afford to keep paying into this tooth nor should I have to keep paying into this tooth. The deal was, this was supposed to give me an even straight smile and life would move on. In one word, today I am feeling very GRRRRR!

Sincerely Arual

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stylin' Saturday

Inspired by Jessica, the girls of academichic and Blue Collar Catwalk, as well as feeling like I have nothing to wear anymore even though I have mounds and mounds of clothes, I decided to experiment this week with my wardrobe. Everyday I had to choose something that was professional for the office and wasn't my usual turtleneck and dress pants combo. The best thing about this project was I felt more serious at work, thus more productive. AND I realize I don't need a major shopping spree (yet) because I have a lot of clothes to play with.
The results from the week:

April 20 2009
Trench: Suzy Sheir
Faux wrap dress: George from Wal-Mart
Knee high socks: Ardenes
Boots: Airwalk
Bag: House of Derion (from Winners)

April 21 2009
Black button down shirt: Suzy Sheir
Denim strapless dress: Jacob, thrifted
Black wedge heels: Le Chateau
I never thought I could pull off the look of a button down shirt under a strapless dress. I really like this look and will wear it again for sure.

April 22 2009
Blouse: Suzy Sheir
Black pants: Rickis
We snapped this picture without realizing that I was not wearing shoes to complete the look.

April 23 2009
Black Shirt dress: Sears
Sleeveless sweater: Winners
Tights: The Bay
Boots: Le Chateau
It snowed the night before. I was not impressed. I miss Spring and it was only here for a few days.

April 24 2009
White Blouse: Smart Set
T-Shirt: Suzy Sheir
Jeans: Silver
Ballet Flats: American Eagle Outfitters for Payless

This picture the sun was directly in my eyes. It is also casual Friday at the office hence the jeans, but I think the layering of the blouse under the t-shirt smartens up the look.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Do List April 17-19

1) Book review for Communications class
2) Essay One for 19th C Lit
3) Essay One for Can Lit
4) Molly's haircut

Lots of paper writing this weekend. My goal is to be finished these three classes June 30 2009. This breaks down to:
3 assignments and a final exam for communications class
2 essays, a bibliography project and an oral exam for 19th C lit
2 essays and a final for Can Lit
PLUS a ton of reading in each class. Good thing I ♥ reading.

I am also thinking about what classes I should enroll in for a July 1 start date. I needed to register by June 10th. I am thinking about a corporate communications course, American lit maybe, and 20th C lit. One productive weekend at a time though.

A is working up in Edmonton this weekend. He might get a position where he will be u there all summer. I am not sure how I feel about this. I know its just a four hour drive away, it will be great money and it will be one summer of my life. I just know I already miss him and he has been gone a total of a day. Need to stay positive.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not much to say... life feels kind of drab lately. I have been working hard in my courses which is great as I can see myself progressing towards my BA.

My money situation feels lame though. I want so many things and I just don't feel like I get ahead. And A was talking last night about how much money he makes over the summer (granted he works crazy hours, 6 days a week) and it started making me look at my own situation and what a mess it was and I feel like I am not getting ahead at all. I know I don't make the wisest decisions (instead of NYC I could have paid my Credit Card or put the money towards my own home dream) and I know that one of the best things about life is that everyday/ every minute you get the opportunity to re-invent yourself and change who you are and what you do. I just feel kind of lame.

I feel like I am losing motivation and faith in myself. I feel like I don't know what i want anymore. I feel like this post really has no point.

I want my own house. It is stupid for me to be paying $1200 a month rent plus bills when I could be putting that money towards me. It doesn't make sense to be paying someone else's mortgage (for me this doesn't make sense).

I hate having to wait. I want everything right now and I know it isn't a possibility.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dear Bank

How come you haven't taken my RRSP contribution nor my loan payment? I assume it was because it was Good Friday, but I thought these things were your electronic functions get a stat holiday too? I want to update my loan payment progress. I only am getting a return of about $550 from the tax man and so I won't be able to completely get rid of my loan like I was hoping. So watching my progress motivates me. Please take the payment ASAP bank.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You know when... have an idea for something and you want to get started on it right away? That's how I feel right now about a paper I have to write for my 19th Century Lit class. I have an outline and I am pumped to get it out and sent off. If only I could get an idea for my Canadian Lit paper and do the same thing. I am determined to use this weekend super responsibly!

And I called my tutor today about my Literature of Americas class. He hasn't checked his email (in over a week???), but did while I was on the phone with him and did receive my paper. I can stop worrying about it, wait patiently for my mark and cross that course right off of my list. Feels good to be done something. 3 courses left for this "semester."

I get paid at midnight! I am doing a major grocery shop this weekend to get lots of stuff that I can prepare and freeze down for lunches...I am talking mini quiches, homemade pizza pockets (hope this works!), stews, etc. I planted some seedlings on Sunday night. I am going to attempt watermelon (which will probably not grow, but gardening experiments are fun), cherry tomatoes again, zucchini (I hope these ones mate!!) and cucumbers. I also picked up peas and beans and lettuce to plant when I transfer everything outside. I am excited to try gardening again and learned lots from last years premier attempt.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Tutor at AU

Can you please acknowledge you received my email and my attached essay like I asked you to do in said email? You are the one who stated that you wanted me to email my last essay to you. It has been over a week. A simple click on reply, the typing of the word "received" and a click on send is sufficient. I am not expecting you to write an essay back. I am freaking out over here wondering if you received it or not and time has run out for my course. You have till 6 tonight. And then I am calling you during your office hours -- the same hours I emailed my paper to you last week!


In other Arualian news, my company recognizes Easter Sunday on Monday and I have Monday off as well as Friday! Woot woot, look out mountain of papers and assignments!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

This afternoon I went and watched Alice in Wonderland performed by the Alberta Ballet. It was very well done: the costumes were beautiful, the set mystical, the dancing perfection. Going to a matinee allowed me to save about $10 on the price of my ticket BUT I was surrounded by lots of little ballerina wannabees that could not sit still or quietly! And I have to say that I do find it disappointing when people just show up in their yoga sweats for an afternoon at the Ballet. I know we live in a more casual world, but I think if we are going to introduce our future to the arts we should instill a sense of respect in them for the art -- nice shoes, nice outfit, and quietly paying attention. Even if the ballet is not exciting for these little prima donnas, they should at least be taught to respect the audience around them.

Next seasons ballet looks fabulous. Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and an Elton John inspired ballet! :) I can't wait and I am looking to see about pre-purchasing options at the best available rate. Also, my frugal self is completely okay with the silver balcony seating (fancy terminology for second balcony) because I bring binoculars. My second balcony seats become front row centre.