Saturday, April 4, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

This afternoon I went and watched Alice in Wonderland performed by the Alberta Ballet. It was very well done: the costumes were beautiful, the set mystical, the dancing perfection. Going to a matinee allowed me to save about $10 on the price of my ticket BUT I was surrounded by lots of little ballerina wannabees that could not sit still or quietly! And I have to say that I do find it disappointing when people just show up in their yoga sweats for an afternoon at the Ballet. I know we live in a more casual world, but I think if we are going to introduce our future to the arts we should instill a sense of respect in them for the art -- nice shoes, nice outfit, and quietly paying attention. Even if the ballet is not exciting for these little prima donnas, they should at least be taught to respect the audience around them.

Next seasons ballet looks fabulous. Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and an Elton John inspired ballet! :) I can't wait and I am looking to see about pre-purchasing options at the best available rate. Also, my frugal self is completely okay with the silver balcony seating (fancy terminology for second balcony) because I bring binoculars. My second balcony seats become front row centre.

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