Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear old dentist

Last year at this time you completed the final stage of my implant eye tooth. Why would it fall out a year later? And why does my new dentist question the things you have done? And how can I word a very polite WTF letter to you so that you will answer my questions about how much knowledge you actually had before possibly experimenting on my mouth? And if you did screw up, how can I go about having you pay me back?
New dentist says he is going to figure out a way to fix this...but I don't know who to believe anymore and really do believe that all dentists are nothing more than greedy cash mongers. I have had so many hands in my mouth over the last year and way too many x-rays that I am worried about my health (not really, just kind of sick of dentists and their machines and their technology).
I can't afford to keep paying into this tooth nor should I have to keep paying into this tooth. The deal was, this was supposed to give me an even straight smile and life would move on. In one word, today I am feeling very GRRRRR!

Sincerely Arual

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