Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Tutor at AU

Can you please acknowledge you received my email and my attached essay like I asked you to do in said email? You are the one who stated that you wanted me to email my last essay to you. It has been over a week. A simple click on reply, the typing of the word "received" and a click on send is sufficient. I am not expecting you to write an essay back. I am freaking out over here wondering if you received it or not and time has run out for my course. You have till 6 tonight. And then I am calling you during your office hours -- the same hours I emailed my paper to you last week!


In other Arualian news, my company recognizes Easter Sunday on Monday and I have Monday off as well as Friday! Woot woot, look out mountain of papers and assignments!

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Dolly Iris said...

That's really unprofessional. I would be worried too. I hope it all got sorted out! At least you have proof you sent it.

You are so damn lucky! I only get Friday off:(