Tuesday, July 29, 2008

August Goals

1. Pay Hair Mix charge on Credit card ($200.10)
2. $200 in emergency fund
3. $100 in Downpayment Savings
4. English units 13, 14 and 15 (not too bad, two novels and final conclusion of course)
5. English Essay Two
6. Psych Quiz 4
7. Psych quiz 5
8 Psych Assignment

Monday, July 28, 2008

I miss A

*sigh* A has been gone 5 days. He wrote to me this morning to tell me they arrived in Amsterdam after driving all night and getting lost in Belgium. I hope he remembers to get me some black licorice.
I am trying to study for my psychology quiz. It's online, so I could look up the answers if I wanted, but that won't help me when it's time for the final. Psychology is a lot of memory work. I am studying developmental psychology which is interesting in itself, but working at the toy store is like seeing what I read come alive. Shouldn't that help me understand better? I guess it's not a matter of understanding, but more of remembering. And there is a lot of remembering! Tonight I get a fun-filled evening of studying, cleaning my house, studying and then taking the quiz.
This weekend I watched all of season one of Sex and the City. My friend that asked me to be her bridesmaid in her Halloween themed wedding loves Sex and the City and even though the ceremony is not until 2009, I have been thinking about shower and stagette themes. I think a Sex and the City themed brunch for her shower would be fun. So I need to brush up on all things SATC. I watch the show with a notepad so I can jot down any ideas that come to mind. My friend's stagette is going to be an all day affair. I am wondering if we should incorporate the shower in the morning (brunch time anyway) and then after begin the other activities (I hear pole dancing calling our names :)). The only thing she asked was that at the end of the night we meet up with the stag party at a night club. I still have lots of time to think about it and conference with the other bridesmaids.

Friday, July 25, 2008

One from Column A....

I made this list a couple years ago of things to do before I died. Reading Saving4Later's blog a few days ago, she mentioned a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and googling this, there is a whole network dedicated to this project. I love and am intrigued by the idea. I then remembered my list and thought to myself, I should really start crossing things off of it. I also recently watched the Bucket List which shows so many aspects of my life have this theme and is probably a sign. I am working on a list of 101 things done in 1001 days and goals on there include my financial goals, my health goals, my career goals. The following list is more of a fun list and I am sure as I get older, some of the things on it won't be as appealing (although at 26 I still think a mudball fight would be awesome!). Maybe that is even more reason why I should start crossing items off.

My to do list

1. Visit Mexico, not just the resort in Mexico
2. Hot air balloon ride
3. Swim with dolphins
4. Raft though rain forest
5. Experience New York City; visit MOMA, see Broadway on Broadway, shopping on Fashion Ave, Central Park etc. etc. DONE March 12-17 2009
6. Compete in a marathon
7. Have eyes fixed
8. Learn to speak another language
9. Snowboard
10. Have a mud ball fight
11. Crazy carpet down a mountain
12. Show up at my boyfriends wearing only lingerie, my trench coat and pumps. See what happens
13. Show up at my boyfriends wearing shorts, halter top, chaps, cowboy hat and boots. See what happens.
14. Feed the homeless on Christmas day
15. Become a big sister
16. Laugh at least 100 times a day
17. Take a gnome sightseeing and take lots of pictures of him. Get doubles and mail to a random person.
18. Finish a New York Times crossword
19. Become the Sudoku master!!
20. Learn how to perfectly execute a roundhouse kick
21. Learn how to wear nothing but red lipstick and still look classy
22. Learn sign language
23. Have a breakfast picnic at a lookout spot and watch the sunrise
24. Watch a horror movie in a cornfield with just my boyfriend
25. Learn how to skip rocks on water
26. Enter a sandwich-making competition and win first prize in the “aesthetically- pleasing” category. If no such competition, create one.
27. Write more poetry
28. Start writing my memoir
29. Kiss my boyfriend at least 100 times a day
30. Conjure up a plan to receive more hugs on a daily basis.
31. Build something from scratch using wood and power tools.
32. Create the art piece that is in my mind and try to sell it at a gallery working on this
33. Have a flour fight.
34. Take the stairs to the top of the Calgary TowerDid this twice, 04/19/08 and in 04/20/07
35. Learn to be more patient
36. Learn to love myself more
37. Drive to California, go to six flags and ride the “X”
38. Learn to swim
39. Send more letters and postcards to my friend
40. Ask a telemarketer what his or her biggest wish/dream is, instead of hanging up
41. Visit an art gallery once a month and seriously look as though I plan on purchasing a piece
42. Train and audition for jeopardy
43. Ride a horse Did this 05/18/08
44. Tapdance
45. Volunteer at the SPCA. Give evil looks to people who are abandoning their animals for stupid reasons
46. Challenge someone to a shopping cart race down a hill. Wear a helmet just in case.
47. Dance like no one is watching
48. Seduce my boyfriend while wearing a masquerade mask. Leave it on.
49. Challenge my friends to a “macaroni-and-cheese” contest. The noodles must be homemade.
50. Drink expensive champagne “just because” while soaking in a bubble bath

It must have been just a little under two years ago when I wrote this list because I had just started dating A. The only thing I have completed is walking up the stairs of the Calgary Tower which I have done twice. I did start a gnome project, but the girl I was doing it with had differnt ideas. I should do that again. I think it would be so funny to receive a random envelope filled with a gnome's vacation. Although it may seem creepy to some.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Evil Green Men

A is in London. He left yesterday at 6:00pm and I am missing him like crazy. I had my manager show me how to track a flight to make sure it landed safely. I keep checking my facebook to see if he left me a message. I know I should let him have his time to explore and discover another country and himself in the process. I am very afraid he might discover that he doesn't want me. So silly. A assures me that he loves me with all of his heart and he plans on spending the rest of his life with me. I get so insecure that one girl will bat her eyelashes, speak with an eloquent accent (although I suppose to my Newfoundlander boyfriend, my Albertan accent would be eloquent)and he will realize that I am just an ordinary girl-next-door. My mind is working over time. I know that he loves me, I keep telling myself that there is nothing to worry about, I am trying hard to remember to breathe.
Thinking about this most of the night and all of this morning, I have decided it is time to face my insecurities, shed my bad habit of second guessing my BF's motives, and grow up. How can i have a grown up relationship when I am a scared little girl clinging on for fear that he will find something better if I am not around? If that does happen, there is not much I could do about it, so why waste energy? Better to spend that energy showing him how much I love and appreciate him instead of looking for the reasons he would love and appreciate me.
He is gone for two weeks. I made it three weeks without him while I was in Latvia and it was hard, but I survived. I am stronger and I know he waited while I was gone. He wouldn't wait so he could rush off to some country to find a foreign woman. I need to use these two weeks productively. Finish some stuff around the house, work on some of my goals, maybe check out some things in the city I want to do (like go to the zoo). When A makes it home, I want to hear his adventures, but also want to let him know that I didn't just mope around for two weeks. I often fall into the trap of making my BF the focus of my life, waiting around for him, doing stuff for him, doing stuff with him. It's not bad to do this half of the time which is the point of a relationship, but I need to learn how to focus on me half of the time and when focusing on me, look at all of the other relationships I have in life and help them grow too. Maybe these two weeks will be good for me. The three weeks I had in another country was the start and now the two weeks in my own will help me more to become me...whoever she might be.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day of the living Dead

I am still working on those pics and my blog about my trip. It is a work in progress. Between catching up on sleep, cleaning my house (note to self, the house is not self cleaning and 3 weeks is a long time to be away)and meeting with friends, I have had only a few minutes here and there to work on my blog. It took me an hour to upload them onto facebook and if I were braver, I would just link the two.
I am also working on August goals (I had none for July as it was a time away and I am OK with that)and playing catch up with my psychology homework.
I am happy that I got paid while I was away and came home to a nice cushioned bank account. I paid some of my VISA charges off and have the rest sitting in my account because it makes me feel good to look at it.
A leaves for Europe on Wednesday for two weeks so i have also been spending time with him...lots of time. Here is kind of a funny story. We have been watching the Sopranos on DVD from Season one. We thought we had bought Season Six part 1, and I was excited we only have two episodes left. Except when I was looking at the box last night, I saw it is actually season six part 2!!!! Makes sense now why I feel there is so much ambiguity this season...I missed the first half!!! So now, I am going to finish of the end of the season then go buy the first half to fill in all of those blanks. I feel so stupid that we are only noticing now. But I am looking forward to watching those last two episodes tonight :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sandcastles of Dreams

I am back! After a tour of Latvia, I am tired, but feel more intrigued about my ancestory and want to learn more about the country that my grandmother and her family originated from. So much history in every brick used to build a house, or line a road. So many stories, myths, legends I need to learn about now that my brain has been slipped a tiny bit of information.
I will include come pictures and more about my trip when I get home from work. I missed blogging quite a bit while I was gone. And I have news on my garden front too! I am not sure what happened, but the garden is out of control! I think I need to cut back on it. And I planted the seed centre of a green pepper and it started growing too. When I have time to put together the pictures and the stories this evening I will post again.