Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reverb 10

I just signed up for Reverb10 to help reflect on 2010 and manifest what I would like for 2011. It starts tomorrow!

I hope to manifest a year of AWESOME for 2011. I started creating a 30 before 30 list over the weekend and there is lots I want to experience and accomplish in the next 466 days. Dolly Iris is doing this as well and if you are in the late 20s and nearing the 30 mark, you should join in!

Tonight I am off to The Cannes Reel Fundraiser. Should be a lovely affair.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This one is for KMac

Thanks for donating your kitchen to our project last night. Thanks for coffee and French Vanilla Creamer and actually making stock from scratch. Thanks for loving to chop and shred and mix and all of the other wonderful things that go into creating perfect meals. Thanks for conversation and laughs and being awesome.

We know we have become old ladies when Friday nights are mass cooking together while gossiping. And I love it.

PS. Thanks for introducing me to "Classy Chicken," I was so tired of trashy chicken ;-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Some rabbit out there donated his foot to me this month... thanks little Thumper!

This morning I received an email informing me that I won 2 tickets to the Cannes Reel Fundraiser hosted by the Canadian Marketing Association AND that I would be sitting at the Alberta Magazine Publishing Association table. AWESOME!

To make the event even more magical, the theme is Mad Men. I can't wait to figure out a 1960s inspired evening outfit (oh Betty Draper, I am looking at you for direction).

My hope for this evening? Not only enjoy a fabulous meal and some of the world's best commercials, but also make some connections in the world of Alberta writing and marketing.

What a fabulous way to start a Friday! I feel like having a Pants-Off-Dance-Off Party now!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I love about winter

Well, a chinook has blown through and Calgary has warmed right up to about -5 degrees Celsius today. Perfect weather for lots of winter activities. I plan on going ice skating tonight (if I can get my blades sharpened right after work). And I spent the morning researching snowboard clinics because I want to get back out there and continue enhancing the skills I learned earlier this year.

And for lunch I had a delicious, hearty, Tuscan soup. Another beautiful winter thing is hearty soups and stews that warm you right up.

As much as I am not a fan of freezing cold weather, there are some high points to this season:

  • Cute mitts knitted by KerKer's nan to keep my hands warm! Thanks KerKer's nan :)
  • Ice skating
  • Sledding
  • Hot chocolate
  • Crisp air that wakes you up better than coffee in the morning
  • Snow angels
  • Looking at Jack Frost patterns on your windows while sipping Jack Daniels (and coke)
  • Winter boots! So many cute styles that I NEED!
  • Making snow sculptures and painting them with food colouring
  • Cranking your heat inside, filling a kiddie pool with water to put your feet in and watching summer movies while drinking margaritas!

What parts of winter do you enjoy?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best News Ever!

Today, in Calgary, it is a balmy -30 degrees Celsius (not counting wind factor). According to weather sources, Calgary is the second coldest place on Earth right now, next to the South Pole.

Why is this fabulous news you ask? Because as previously stated, I am obsessed with the idea of owning my own little penguin* (actually an emperor penguin would be way more awesome-sauce because we could have dance parties in my living room). And now that Calgary is sitting in a temperature range that said penguin would be comfortable at, I feel I have better ground to petition this as the only thing I truly need for Christmas.

So, although I could join the masses in complaining about the blistering cold, or spend my day dreaming about flip flops and beaches (I am actually doing this too), I am going to relish in the icy-cool idea of having a pet always dressed for success. It's penguin awesome!

*before you get all PETA on me...I am well aware that I can't really have a penguin living in my apartment. But a girl can dream about how awesome it would be to have a little penguin friend to bring me cocktails (like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit!).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A lot can change in a year

On this date last year I completed this meme

I decided today to answer it again and compare where I am at.

Part One - Describe:

Your hair? Long and red. My sister and I reconnected this year and she helps me keep it great shape.

Your favorite food? Still hotdogs. Oh man I love hotdogs. Feel free to judge

Your dream last night? I don't know.

Your favorite drink? Coca Cola baby!

Your dream/goal? Finish school. Buy a house. Create a loving family.

The room are you in? My living room.

Your hobby? Reading. Tweeting has taken over this year too.

Your fear? That this is as good as it gets.

Your TV? is rarely turned on. Sometimes to play xBox or watch a movie. I sometimes think I have it so that people don't think its strange that I don't.

Your Pets? Molly and Oryx and recently I have been feeding a squirrel. I have named him Gus.

Friends? Make me laugh. Are great for hugs. And experiencing a fantastic life.

Your life? feels like its missing something.

Your mood? kind of pissed, but telling myself to let it go.

If you're missing someone? I sure am.

Your best friend? Knows exactly what to say to make me feel better.

Part Two - The Where's?

Where do you want to be in 6 years? I am going to be 34 in 6 years. I want to be finished school, out of consumer debt, have my car paid off and in a balanced relationship that is filled with love and respect.

Where were you last night? I went to Il Sogno in Bridgeland with my department at work then came home. Its freaking cold out and like bears, I hibernate.

Where did you grow up? In Calgary which is where I still am now. The smallest big city ever.

One place that I go to over and over? coffee shop and work

Your favorite place to eat out? Don't have one. Love experiencing new places and new foods.

Wish list items? Brown high boots. Black parka. A trip through Europe. Pub style kitchen table.

Last time you laughed? yesterday at the work offsite.

Last time you cried? Earlier this week. I feel abandoned kind of. And then a friend sent me an ominous message and has disappeared from the world. I am super worried about him and feel super selfish for making him listen to my petty issues.

Part Three - The What's?

Something that you aren't? pulled together

Last thing you did? Cleaned my kitchen

What are you wearing? pajamas. hurray for lazy Saturdays.

Something you're not wearing? socks

Your favorite store? Shoe Stores. Love them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Dear Internets,

My lovely blogging buddy Dolly is going to get back into the blogging. She has been travelling for the last year through Australia and is just finishing up her trip over there with journeys through Thailand and New Zealand. JEALOUS! But, it took her a lot of hard work and diligent saving and many sacrifices to make her dream a reality.

Now that she is back, I encourage you to check her out! She is an inspiration to me, always offers kind words and even sent me an awesome post card from Australia this year!

Welcome back Dolly! You were missed :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2011 Goals

I am already thinking of how to make 2011 even better than 2010 (because as much as parts of this year sucked, there was a lot of fabulous-ness too). I was inspired by a friend on facebook who has pledged to contribute 200 hours of volunteering next year. And so I have decided to make it a goal to match her. I am already looking at different volunteer opportunities (and signed up for a couple different ones too), but if you have any ideas, let me know!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Dump

The man and his son drove up to drop off the old wardrobe that had been collecting dust for decades. They had tried selling it, but it was rickety, worn and no one was interested. After months of having the ad placed in the classified section, it was time to dispose of it. As the man drove his truck through mountains of tires, piles of mattresses and mounds of debris, they found the place for furniture. He and his son got out of the truck to unload and they heard the shouting and crying. Looking around they noticed her. Tears stained her face and she was throwing rusty cans and balled up paper. She kept shouting she was tired and it was time to leave the garbage where it belonged. The son could feel her distress and wanted to give her a hug, but inside he knew that she was tired of having her hurt enveloped around her and was throwing all of the pain away.

She had told them. First she had had the flashbacks and, tip toeing around the skeletons, she asked questions to confirm the details. The bathing suit, the bed spread, his looming leer. She asked the questions that she thought may clarify if she were crazy or not and upon learning their truth, she just felt crazier. She attempted to drown her sorrows, drown her memories, drown her thoughts. They refused to let go and keep pulling her down into the abyss of the sea. On breaking point, she confessed to those who had vowed to protect her when she came into this world. She had told them. And she wanted to be told she was creating it all in her head. She thought it would go away if it was only there because she imagined it. Instead, she was told that there had been ideas and inklings that this was going on, but everyone thought it was better to look the other way. To wait until it was no longer happening. To wait until her mind protected itself and blocked it out. Except that there was a slight break in the wall and the pressure of a little girl wanting to be free spewed out like the pungent mess of a septic tank. She tried to suppress it. Pretend it wasn’t real. Until she couldn’t any longer and it was all confirmed to her that it had happened. She had told them.

She felt liberated at first. She thought that justice would be served. She would no longer have to continue the masquerade. Except she was told that it was better to keep the facade and rebuild the wall. She felt betrayed by the two people she was supposed to trust the most.

She spent an afternoon sitting at the table across from the monster that hid in her closet and couldn’t deal anymore. She felt weighed down and had to break free. She was old enough to protect herself now. And that afternoon decided to bring her baggage to the place it deserved to be left. Instead of unpacking it, she was throwing it all away. She drove to the place where it belonged, calmly parked her car and took her mind in her own hands. And began throwing all the hurt and pain and anger into the raw mixture of mouldy bread, broken eggshells and rotted banana peels. It felt better and she began to make it part of her weekly rituals.

The man and his son were not the first to see her in this vulnerable state. They wouldn’t be the last. But she felt confidant with each passing week that she was lessoning the shit she carried around with her and soon would have nothing left for the garbage men to sort and the scavengers to devour.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There just seems to be something off with those lips

So, I watched Eat, Pray, Love. And like any woman who has watched this movie or read the book, I could gush about my desires to travel right now. But in honesty, I see a license plate from another province or notice a tag that states where something was made, and my desire to travel is sparked. All this movie did was add more fuel to that fire.

What I took away from this movie were a couple of things:

1)The idea that transformation is built out of ruin. Love this idea!
2)It’s completely okay for me to take some time to myself, learn about myself, and connect with myself, before I connect with someone else. I realize that I allow myself to be consumed by the man I am with and end up losing myself relationship after relationship. I’m pretty awesome and I don’t really let any man get to know that part of me because I’m too busy becoming his shadow. LAME!
3)Why was Julia Roberts cast as Elizabeth Gilbert? And what was up with her wardrobe? I didn’t feel she was the right person for this role at all. The entire movie, all I could focus on was Julia’s mouth….has she had some work done or something? There just seems to be something different.

I didn’t mind the movie. And I didn’t mind the book. I do hate how the main character runs away from her life to find herself. And I kind of hate that it still ending in her falling for a man. I am happy she fell for the guy, but I think the movie would speak more to the point about loving one’s self and connecting with one’s self if it had ended before she met whatever-his-name-is. But I am aware, in our society, we love the happily-ever-after, Prince-charming-esque endings -- that’s what sells hope to the masses it seems.

I think I need to go order a glass of vino and a huge plate of pasta.

PS. Has anyone read the book Drink, Play, F@#k? It's a parody of Eat, Pray, Love and I saw it in the airport when I went to NL. Wish I had picked it up then. *sigh*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

iWon an iPad!

Super stoked! They were running a contest at work that I was not even aware of and by doing my job, unbeknown to me, I was being entered into the draw. When I was informed yesterday I didn't believe it, but today they brought me the iPad and photographed me for the work story. AWESOME SAUCE!

So far, best week ever! :)

True to me, I made sure they got some action shots of my excitement :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wedding

I watched my friend of almost 20 years marry his best friend yesterday. Everything was so beautiful. And her little boy did a reading in the church ceremony and you could tell he had been practicing. Seeing D so happy filled me with such warmth. And the way they met fills my heart with hope.

It was a cold January night (we're talking minus 40 degrees Celsius). D missed the last train back south so was waiting at the casino for a cab. As was R. They found out they were going in the same direction so D asked if she wanted to split on the cab. She agreed and he told her to wait in the casino while he flagged one down. At first she told him the wrong name, but by the end of the ride confessed her real name and they exchanged numbers. 3 years later and they have united till Death. If D hadn't missed that last train or if R hadn't decided he would be an okay guy to give her number to, they may have lost one another in the skein of life. At their wedding instead of a limo, they had a cab from the same company pick them up and chauffeur them around for the day.

I'm not suggesting that I start jumping in cabs with random men or giving my number out to every guy that asks for it. But I do have this wall and I need to let it down or I am never going to let the right guy in in my quest to keep all the wrong guys out.

The reception was gorgeous as well. All white with silver and crystal accents. Blue and purple lighting behind white curtains around the room set this amazing ambiance. And the food was delish!
And when the bridal party arrived, they each entered the reception hall to a 90s dance tune and had a solo dance performance. I loved that! (And totally stealing the idea when I get married).

D's family all flew in and I had such a blast dancing the night away with these guys. And all drinks considered, I don't feel too bad today.

I am so elated for my little childhood friend who found his soul mate and now has his own little family started. And I loved that all night his parents kept referring to me as D's Laura. It's nice to feel so accepted and part of something.

Although I do have to say, the embarassing pictures of me included in his slideshow were a surprise!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I like nice shoes

These are from Jessica Simpson and on my want list. Oh how I wish I wasn't on a shoe hiatus right now....

Tonight I had a meaningful conversation with someone I adore and we are friends on. This makes me happy. I feel 100 times better than I have all week. :)

Just started watching Black Snake Moan....anyone watch this? So far, I like it.

Tomorrow my best guy friend gets married. I am so stoked for him and his fiancee! I have known D for 20 years and it's going to be awesome seeing everyone all together in one place to celebrate him! :)

Good Friday night.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coke vs. Pepsi

This has been an ongoing feud in human history, one that is older than the Springfield/ Shelbyville rivalry and more vicious the Capulet/ Montague Battle. Most people have their preference for a dark, syrupy concoction knowns as the goodness of cola, plus love the association with a certain brand.

I am on team Coca Cola. I come from generations of Coca Cola loving ancestors. I love the colour red. I love the slight burning feeling you get in the back of your throat with each sip of Coke. I love mixing vanilla vodka with my Coke and re-creating Vanilla Coke (can you please bring that back Coca Cola Executives??). I always win the Pepsi taste challenge (because Pepsi doesn't burn my throat the way Coke does and that's important to me).

I have tried to date men who love Pepsi. I have tried to be open minded and tell myself it is silly to have a deal breaker be attached to the brand of cola one prefers*. But time and time again, it just doesn't work out between Pepsi drinkers and myself. And so I am beginning to think that Pepsi and Coke lovers can not be each other's lovers.

I think it may be partly because people who drink Pepsi like the idea of an image that associates them with being young, having fun, being part of the next generation.

Coke drinkers like being associated with classic, realness, and the idea that "life tastes good." Also, Coke commercials often have a feel good, be kind to others, "buy the world a coke" vibe to them which Coke drinkers would like to associate with as well. Pepsi commercials seem flashy and for that MTV generation**. Pepsi really wants to associate with those young kids.

So, is it any wonder that the guys I have dated who are Pepsi lovers act really young for their age and seem to have the attention span and the finicky-ness of a teenager? It just makes it clear to me that from now on, before I even ask your name or what you do or what band you love listening to, I am going to have to ask the Coke or Pepsi question. It just might save me future heart break. I want someone who knows that if you "give a little love, it all comes back to you."

And for your pleasure, my favorite coke commercials can be found here, here and here

*it really is silly, and I don't think it would be the actual deal breaker. But I can count it among all other deal breakers if I want.
** I love MTV more than anyone my age really should. Especially MTV Canada's hosts. Shhh.....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

I am thankful for my job which allows me to stretch and learn new things every day
I am thankful for yummy soup waiting in my crock pot when I am done work
I am thankful for after work naps
I am thankful for 12 degree weather in November
I am thankful for all men growing moustaches for Mo-vember to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research
I am thankful for unconditional love from two furry kids that reside with me

Monday, November 1, 2010


There are 54 more sleeps till Christmas. There are 61 more sleeps till 2011.
It's so crazy to think about where this year has gone.

My weekend was fun, but also seemingly wasteful. When I wasn't out partying, I was lying in bed trying to recover. My hours could have been better spent.

New month means a clean slate though. And I have a challenge for myself.

It's time to clean up the mess I have been recreating in my life as of late. I want to get back to the place I was in last Spring. With lots going on and feeling fully satisfied with my life.