Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coke vs. Pepsi

This has been an ongoing feud in human history, one that is older than the Springfield/ Shelbyville rivalry and more vicious the Capulet/ Montague Battle. Most people have their preference for a dark, syrupy concoction knowns as the goodness of cola, plus love the association with a certain brand.

I am on team Coca Cola. I come from generations of Coca Cola loving ancestors. I love the colour red. I love the slight burning feeling you get in the back of your throat with each sip of Coke. I love mixing vanilla vodka with my Coke and re-creating Vanilla Coke (can you please bring that back Coca Cola Executives??). I always win the Pepsi taste challenge (because Pepsi doesn't burn my throat the way Coke does and that's important to me).

I have tried to date men who love Pepsi. I have tried to be open minded and tell myself it is silly to have a deal breaker be attached to the brand of cola one prefers*. But time and time again, it just doesn't work out between Pepsi drinkers and myself. And so I am beginning to think that Pepsi and Coke lovers can not be each other's lovers.

I think it may be partly because people who drink Pepsi like the idea of an image that associates them with being young, having fun, being part of the next generation.

Coke drinkers like being associated with classic, realness, and the idea that "life tastes good." Also, Coke commercials often have a feel good, be kind to others, "buy the world a coke" vibe to them which Coke drinkers would like to associate with as well. Pepsi commercials seem flashy and for that MTV generation**. Pepsi really wants to associate with those young kids.

So, is it any wonder that the guys I have dated who are Pepsi lovers act really young for their age and seem to have the attention span and the finicky-ness of a teenager? It just makes it clear to me that from now on, before I even ask your name or what you do or what band you love listening to, I am going to have to ask the Coke or Pepsi question. It just might save me future heart break. I want someone who knows that if you "give a little love, it all comes back to you."

And for your pleasure, my favorite coke commercials can be found here, here and here

*it really is silly, and I don't think it would be the actual deal breaker. But I can count it among all other deal breakers if I want.
** I love MTV more than anyone my age really should. Especially MTV Canada's hosts. Shhh.....


psychsarah said...

I'm laughing at this post. One of the first things my DH and I learned about each other when we met was that we don't drink coffee and strongly prefer Coke. No Pepsi allowed in our house! Not a dealbreaker, as you said, but a nice coincidence. :)

~OnTheWrongSideofThirty~ said...

I'm obsessed with Coke, but would drink both. I treat cola the way others treat wine: with a deep passion for its many varieties. I find that Coke goes well with just about everything, but if I'm eating greasy Chinese fast food, then Pepsi does the trick. The taste of each cola around the world is actually quite different (due to variations in local ingredients), so I've actually sometimes found that local brands taste more like Coke than Coke (e.g., even in the UK). That said, I'm abstaining from Cola to improve my health (see for my progress). I love Cola but I'm addicted and that level of devotion is just too much.

Anonymous said...

I was a definite Coke drinker for years. Once I switched to diet pop though, I became a diet Pepsi girl. I really don't like Diet Coke? Strange isn't it?