Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There just seems to be something off with those lips

So, I watched Eat, Pray, Love. And like any woman who has watched this movie or read the book, I could gush about my desires to travel right now. But in honesty, I see a license plate from another province or notice a tag that states where something was made, and my desire to travel is sparked. All this movie did was add more fuel to that fire.

What I took away from this movie were a couple of things:

1)The idea that transformation is built out of ruin. Love this idea!
2)It’s completely okay for me to take some time to myself, learn about myself, and connect with myself, before I connect with someone else. I realize that I allow myself to be consumed by the man I am with and end up losing myself relationship after relationship. I’m pretty awesome and I don’t really let any man get to know that part of me because I’m too busy becoming his shadow. LAME!
3)Why was Julia Roberts cast as Elizabeth Gilbert? And what was up with her wardrobe? I didn’t feel she was the right person for this role at all. The entire movie, all I could focus on was Julia’s mouth….has she had some work done or something? There just seems to be something different.

I didn’t mind the movie. And I didn’t mind the book. I do hate how the main character runs away from her life to find herself. And I kind of hate that it still ending in her falling for a man. I am happy she fell for the guy, but I think the movie would speak more to the point about loving one’s self and connecting with one’s self if it had ended before she met whatever-his-name-is. But I am aware, in our society, we love the happily-ever-after, Prince-charming-esque endings -- that’s what sells hope to the masses it seems.

I think I need to go order a glass of vino and a huge plate of pasta.

PS. Has anyone read the book Drink, Play, F@#k? It's a parody of Eat, Pray, Love and I saw it in the airport when I went to NL. Wish I had picked it up then. *sigh*


eleanorstrousers said...

I secretly liked the book, but agree that the idea it leaves that you have to escape your entire life to go through real transformation is a bit squicky. Those of us without unlimited cash would like some revelation too.

Reyna said...

I could relate to some of the things in the book but I really had a set of different circumstances.

I posted my version of it on May 1st and quoted from it on Aug 20th about my knight in shining armor.

Dolly Iris said...

i like the idea of the movie but something just didn't connect for me. its funny because i watched that movie alone and its the first time i've ever done that. learning to do things alone and appreciate yourself is a hard journey but the most satisfying