Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wedding

I watched my friend of almost 20 years marry his best friend yesterday. Everything was so beautiful. And her little boy did a reading in the church ceremony and you could tell he had been practicing. Seeing D so happy filled me with such warmth. And the way they met fills my heart with hope.

It was a cold January night (we're talking minus 40 degrees Celsius). D missed the last train back south so was waiting at the casino for a cab. As was R. They found out they were going in the same direction so D asked if she wanted to split on the cab. She agreed and he told her to wait in the casino while he flagged one down. At first she told him the wrong name, but by the end of the ride confessed her real name and they exchanged numbers. 3 years later and they have united till Death. If D hadn't missed that last train or if R hadn't decided he would be an okay guy to give her number to, they may have lost one another in the skein of life. At their wedding instead of a limo, they had a cab from the same company pick them up and chauffeur them around for the day.

I'm not suggesting that I start jumping in cabs with random men or giving my number out to every guy that asks for it. But I do have this wall and I need to let it down or I am never going to let the right guy in in my quest to keep all the wrong guys out.

The reception was gorgeous as well. All white with silver and crystal accents. Blue and purple lighting behind white curtains around the room set this amazing ambiance. And the food was delish!
And when the bridal party arrived, they each entered the reception hall to a 90s dance tune and had a solo dance performance. I loved that! (And totally stealing the idea when I get married).

D's family all flew in and I had such a blast dancing the night away with these guys. And all drinks considered, I don't feel too bad today.

I am so elated for my little childhood friend who found his soul mate and now has his own little family started. And I loved that all night his parents kept referring to me as D's Laura. It's nice to feel so accepted and part of something.

Although I do have to say, the embarassing pictures of me included in his slideshow were a surprise!

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