Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best News Ever!

Today, in Calgary, it is a balmy -30 degrees Celsius (not counting wind factor). According to weather sources, Calgary is the second coldest place on Earth right now, next to the South Pole.

Why is this fabulous news you ask? Because as previously stated, I am obsessed with the idea of owning my own little penguin* (actually an emperor penguin would be way more awesome-sauce because we could have dance parties in my living room). And now that Calgary is sitting in a temperature range that said penguin would be comfortable at, I feel I have better ground to petition this as the only thing I truly need for Christmas.

So, although I could join the masses in complaining about the blistering cold, or spend my day dreaming about flip flops and beaches (I am actually doing this too), I am going to relish in the icy-cool idea of having a pet always dressed for success. It's penguin awesome!

*before you get all PETA on me...I am well aware that I can't really have a penguin living in my apartment. But a girl can dream about how awesome it would be to have a little penguin friend to bring me cocktails (like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit!).


TL said...

Yikes! -30! Make sure you bundle up!

eleanorstrousers said...

If you had a penguin, I would make it little hats to wear. Because the only thing better than a pet penguin is a pet penguin in a tiny hat.

Laura said...

Dear Eleanor's Trousers,
I love the way you think! Little top hats would be best. And I would fashion canes that fit over their wings (flippers? I should brush up on my penguin knowledge).
Hats are a fantastic idea!

Dolly Iris said...

I got to see little tiny penguins here in Oz. If Aussi gets penguins then I dont see why Laura should not. :)