Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skynet writing in the clouds

Twitter is a buzz with the idea of Skynet. You know...the self aware artificial intelligence that decided to terminate humankind on April 21 2011. Today could be our last day folks...if James Cameron's predictions are true (and we all know how the Titanic turned out, so why wouldn't we trust him?).

If today was our last day, how would you spend it? Would you eat the best foods and drink the best wine? Would you do that thing that has always scared you? Would you tell that person you love that you love him? Would you stock up and get ready to take out the terminators, locating the nearest hydraulic presses to lure them to?

The idea to live everyday like it is your last is not a new notion or even an unique one (why does putting "an" there sound funny when I say this sentence out loud?). Yet, for everyone who preaches the concept, how many actually walk-the-walk? I'm guilty of this big time, always thinking there will be tomorrow to do the things I want, accomplish the dreams I have. Will it take the end of the world (as we know it...cue R.E.M!) to motivate me? Kind of a melancholy thought.

Le may win this round Skynet (or better know as alias Steve Jobs). But the battle has only begun...

Friday, April 15, 2011


Last night the ladies and I attended the Post Secret event at the University. Frank Warren, creator of Post Secret, shared some of the secrets that couldn't make it into the books and discussed some of his secrets. He waived his speaking fee so that proceeds would go to The Centre For Suicide Prevention.

The evening for the most part was quite enjoyable. Hearing about the stacks of postcards Frank receives daily, the secrets that people feel free to release to him anonymously, and the secrets that he has carried and released himself was entertaining. His message that all it takes is one idea to open conversation among a community was inspiring. His hope that people can learn to feel safe enough to share the secret of thoughts of suicide to save his or her life was powerful.

The uncomfortable part of the evening, for me, happened when the floor was opened up and audience members could walk to the mic to share a secret. Strangers dropping the shroud of anonymity to feel release from a captor was in a sense empowering, but also felt awkward and, at times, as though the secret sharing had become a contest of who had the darkest one.

The beauty of Post Secret is that it connects people, showcasing that we are not alone and as weird or strange as we may think we are. And that the life events we go through - good or bad - are also being mirrored by other people out there. Post Secret is also fabulous because it allows one to get a secret off of his heart or out of her head without having to worry about the fear that everyone will know. I feel that microphones at an event like this takes away from the nature of the project in a sense and turns the evening into a free-for-all therapy session.

After the event last night, I thought about some of my secrets that I could create onto a postcard and submit. Different secrets filled my head: hopes, fears, memories and regrets. Secrets that have been holding me captive and secrets that are motivating me to keep moving forward. I had some beautiful ideas surface, but at this time, strongly feel that my secrets are safest within me.

If you have a chance to attend a talk from Frank Warren, I suggest you do. But, if you are like me, and uncomfortable hearing strangers share so much personal feelings, be prepared for the half hour of awkward that takes place at the end.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cork and Canvas

Last night, my lovely ladies and I headed to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra's Cork and Canvas Wine and Art festival. There was lots of yummy wines to taste, appetizers to nibble on, auction items to bid for and an eclectic mixture of people to view. As much as I love art and wine and eating, watching people is fascinating. The artsy girl all in black, tall and slim, eyeing pieces that she thinks would be perfect in her loft,* the cat lady hovering around the oil on canvas portrait of a sketched-out kitty, making sure she can keep topping the bid in the war to own the painting. The artist of said cat-painting, looking hip in high boots and skinny jeans, who may have imbibed in one too many sips of wine, excited to see her piece being silently fought over.

There was more than just art in the auction too. I was in a small, quiet war of my own for two tickets to see Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho accompanied by the orchestra with a Psycho themed after party to attend. I hang my head in shame as I admit that I gave up once the tickets reached more than $100. Katy Perry "California Dream Tour" tickets were up for grabs as well as a plethora of different wines from around the world.

The venue was in the basement of Willow Park Wine and Spirits. If you are ever looking for that hard-to-find wine or that beer you had in Belgium or have time to try a new scotch, check this place out. They have lots of events filled with spirits. And they are conveniently located next to the fine cheese store so you know there is usually a fabulous pairing. Last night I picked up some strawberry beer to try (and create a summer vibe).

The great thing about this event is it also let me know what the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra's season looks like next year and I am super stoked. Not only will I try to see the Hitchcock movie, but Herbie Hancock Plays Gershwin looks fantastic as does Pianomania. And for fun, I definitely would love to spend the Saturday afternoon enjoying Bugs Bunny at the Symphony.

Next week, the ladies and I are attending Post Secret in Calgary. Ladies nights are a blast!

*totally making this up - I have no idea where people live. I'm not (that) creepy

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Dairy Queen,

Can you please make a mini egg blizzard? I strongly feel this would be very profitable for you. Also, please bring back the Pop Rocks blizzard.