Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You know when... have an idea for something and you want to get started on it right away? That's how I feel right now about a paper I have to write for my 19th Century Lit class. I have an outline and I am pumped to get it out and sent off. If only I could get an idea for my Canadian Lit paper and do the same thing. I am determined to use this weekend super responsibly!

And I called my tutor today about my Literature of Americas class. He hasn't checked his email (in over a week???), but did while I was on the phone with him and did receive my paper. I can stop worrying about it, wait patiently for my mark and cross that course right off of my list. Feels good to be done something. 3 courses left for this "semester."

I get paid at midnight! I am doing a major grocery shop this weekend to get lots of stuff that I can prepare and freeze down for lunches...I am talking mini quiches, homemade pizza pockets (hope this works!), stews, etc. I planted some seedlings on Sunday night. I am going to attempt watermelon (which will probably not grow, but gardening experiments are fun), cherry tomatoes again, zucchini (I hope these ones mate!!) and cucumbers. I also picked up peas and beans and lettuce to plant when I transfer everything outside. I am excited to try gardening again and learned lots from last years premier attempt.

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