Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stylin' Saturday

Inspired by Jessica, the girls of academichic and Blue Collar Catwalk, as well as feeling like I have nothing to wear anymore even though I have mounds and mounds of clothes, I decided to experiment this week with my wardrobe. Everyday I had to choose something that was professional for the office and wasn't my usual turtleneck and dress pants combo. The best thing about this project was I felt more serious at work, thus more productive. AND I realize I don't need a major shopping spree (yet) because I have a lot of clothes to play with.
The results from the week:

April 20 2009
Trench: Suzy Sheir
Faux wrap dress: George from Wal-Mart
Knee high socks: Ardenes
Boots: Airwalk
Bag: House of Derion (from Winners)

April 21 2009
Black button down shirt: Suzy Sheir
Denim strapless dress: Jacob, thrifted
Black wedge heels: Le Chateau
I never thought I could pull off the look of a button down shirt under a strapless dress. I really like this look and will wear it again for sure.

April 22 2009
Blouse: Suzy Sheir
Black pants: Rickis
We snapped this picture without realizing that I was not wearing shoes to complete the look.

April 23 2009
Black Shirt dress: Sears
Sleeveless sweater: Winners
Tights: The Bay
Boots: Le Chateau
It snowed the night before. I was not impressed. I miss Spring and it was only here for a few days.

April 24 2009
White Blouse: Smart Set
T-Shirt: Suzy Sheir
Jeans: Silver
Ballet Flats: American Eagle Outfitters for Payless

This picture the sun was directly in my eyes. It is also casual Friday at the office hence the jeans, but I think the layering of the blouse under the t-shirt smartens up the look.


QL girl said...

cute outfits!

I've found that checking out style blogs has helped me experiment a little more with my wardrobe as well. Unfortunately it has led to some shopping, but in my defense its all been on sale, lol.

Canadian Saver said...

Very cool feature!

I love your clothes... all professional indeed!

Dolly Iris said...

Way to rework that wardrobe! You look fabulous darling!