Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not much to say... life feels kind of drab lately. I have been working hard in my courses which is great as I can see myself progressing towards my BA.

My money situation feels lame though. I want so many things and I just don't feel like I get ahead. And A was talking last night about how much money he makes over the summer (granted he works crazy hours, 6 days a week) and it started making me look at my own situation and what a mess it was and I feel like I am not getting ahead at all. I know I don't make the wisest decisions (instead of NYC I could have paid my Credit Card or put the money towards my own home dream) and I know that one of the best things about life is that everyday/ every minute you get the opportunity to re-invent yourself and change who you are and what you do. I just feel kind of lame.

I feel like I am losing motivation and faith in myself. I feel like I don't know what i want anymore. I feel like this post really has no point.

I want my own house. It is stupid for me to be paying $1200 a month rent plus bills when I could be putting that money towards me. It doesn't make sense to be paying someone else's mortgage (for me this doesn't make sense).

I hate having to wait. I want everything right now and I know it isn't a possibility.

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Anonymous said...

It's time to move somewhere else with a lower cost of living and where houses can be had for ~150K new