Friday, May 1, 2009


My crown fell out. I don't think it was supposed to, but it did and so I had to have it put back in (because I am not ready to set the trend of screws instead of teeth!). This happened Monday morning, my new dentist put it back in Tuesday afternoon. Except Thursday at lunch it fell out again! My new dentist decided to make a filling inside of it so that it would be more snug against the abutment. This happened this morning and so far, so good. But I may have to deal with this the rest of my life because of a number of factors: the length of the abutment, the angle the implant sits at, God hating me, etc. etc. (just kidding, I am sure deep down, God does not hate me).
I am happy that I have dental coverage with my job. I still had to pay $216.54 (I also had my teeth cleaned while I was there...might as well!) for all of this, BUT it was less then I could have paid and my HSA will send it back my way. Of course this had to happen when it was rent week and I don't have much of an emergency fund right now, so this cost was charged :(
This afternoon when I looked at my accounts, to my pleasant surprise the government had deposited the loan I gave them last year (income tax return!). I was able to transfer that $216.54 right back on my VISA! I also paid back my EF fund and my DP savings as I borrowed from them earlier this week to make sure my rent would be covered. AND I will be able to buy a bus pass this evening without juggling money again.
I don't know what happened. For awhile I felt really in control of my money. But recently it feels like I keep borrowing from my emergency fund to pay bills and groceries and nights out. Today is the beginning of the month and I vow to be as fiscally responsible as I can this month. A lot of my goals this month have to do with school and hopefully that will keep me busy and not spending money. I also want to see my EF at $300 by the end of May, my DP at $300 as well AND I want to have 15 no-spend days. Last month Canadian Saver was able to get 21 no-spend days! I am inspired.
I have not bought anything in the cafeteria at work since Ash Wednesday (February 25, 2009). I gave up the cafeteria for Lent and I haven't felt the need to go back. This month I am going to bring my lunch every work day (20 days) as well.

Long post to wrap up the week. Thanks for sticking around.

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Dolly Iris said...

Ugh, I know I'm going to need some dental work in the next 6 months. I want to get it handled before Australia and while I have some benefits to chomp into. Still, dentist visits suck.

I'm impressed with the shunning of the work cafeteria. I wish I was as strong as you are that way!