Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 no-spend days in a row...

...AND today I thought I wanted a chocolate bar. I walked to the vending machine. I looked into the vending machine. I held the toonie in my hand and thought about it. And then I thought about having another no-spend day and that I really didn't need the chocolate or the calories. I walked away with my money still in hand! My goal is 15 no-spend days this month and there is 3 weeks left of the month. An average of 5 days a week and I think I can do it. Sundays I like to stay in and watch TV (or recover from Saturday nights) and then during the week, as long as I bring lunch and practice willpower (like today!) then I can do it :)

PS. Isn't it weird that we don't spell toonie with the word two in it?


FB @ said...

Comes from the word loonie. :)

Just switched the L for a T

Arual said...

I know...I still think it's wrong.

Les@SpillingBuckets said...

Unfortunately I caved and got a brownie today. Cost me $1, but I found $.50 so it was "half off"


Awesome with 5 no spend days per week, thats really kick arse.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! :)

Toonie. Twoonie.

Yah, it seems wrong!

krystalatwork said...

Congrats on having the will power to not buy that chocolate bar! I'm always so tempted to buy chocolate or chips because there's a 7-11 right across from my office. I'll see what kind of will power I have the next time I get a craving! :)