Friday, May 29, 2009

No-Spend Day Goal

So, I won't make my goal. If I had a "spend as many times in one week as you can" goal, I would definitely win that this week! BUT 9 days in one month is not a bad start and serves as a benchmark for next month to be surpassed.

Tomorrow A and I are going to Sparwood BC. His cousin is graduating high school and his nan flew down from Newfoundland for the event. I am excited to meet his nan. :)

My G-ma is still in the hospital. She went from stable to rapid decline earlier this week. Turns out she has ulcers that are causing her to bleed and the heart medicine was not helping that at all! There was one pretty scary night when the entire family was told they should make their way down to the hospital. Even G-ma said things couldn't be good if her brother came from BC. BUT G-ma is strong and a fighter and pulled through and stabilized again. Yesterday there was some sort of event and the doctors had to shock her heart to get it beating regularly. The doctors keep telling us how strong she is. All I can do is have faith that what is supposed to happen will happen. When I see her, we laugh and giggle and joke. Those are the memories I will keep forever.

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Dolly Iris said...

Arual - I'm really sorry to hear about your G-ma. I'm going through something similar with my G-pa that I haven't been blogging about lately. I know we have limited time together so I try to see him every weekend. Even though he's suffering he still makes jokes and laughs with me.

Sometimes at home alone I start crying when I think about how hard this has been but then BF reminds me that its harder for G-pa then it is for me and that I should appreciate that I have the opportunity to spend this time with him.

The hardest part is knowing he won't be the one to walk me down the aisle when BF and I get married. I'm so close to G-pa, he's really my favorite person in the whole world.

Sorry to be all gushy and stuff. I just want to let you know that you're doing a great job of letting her know that you love her by spending time with her. I know she appreciates you being there. Stay strong!