Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

~Open reign of the Plus 1's kitchen to freely hold a bake off with myself. It's such a luxury to have an oven that doesn't change temperature the minute you walk across the room (or the neighbour shuts his door or a bird flies by or a leaf falls from a tree)
~The sweet smell of banana bread filling the house on a chilly night
~A co-worker that I assist telling me I am a great "winger" and letting me know he can see I'm "on the ball" and using other athletic-influenced idioms as though I'm obviously athletic
~pencil skirts and dangerously high heels to prance around the office in (looking cute while being highly efficient and quick witted FTW)
~my sales crew knocking the targets out of the park this month (I can use sport metaphors too) resulting in the chance for me to attend the hockey game tomorrow (will know at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning)
~sipping this cold beer, in Rainman's house, thinking about how lucky I am and how he is worth it all
~crunchy fall leaves that make walking Molly way more fun for me
~the anticipation of seeing my BFF this weekend

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