Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last Thursday, I partook in a session that tested Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Then as a work team, we participated in different activities to showcase how our "types" come out in decision making.

I tested in with slight Extraversion, clear Intuition, and very clear Feeling and Judging. Before you start judging me, know that Judging actually refers to people who enjoy living in a planned, orderly, way. Sticking to a plan and schedule is highly important to me, and I rock at organizing outings and events for my friends.

The course was able to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of people who share all four of my characteristics

Characteristics of ENFJs:

  • Look for and find the best in others

  • Prize harmony and co-operation

  • Warm, compassionate, and supportive

  • Loyal and trustworthy

  • Imaginative and creative

  • Can be very insightful about others

  • Stimulated about the possibilities for contributing to the good of humanity

  • Like variety and new challenges

  • naturally see the potential for growth in others and devote energy to help others achieve it

Others see ENFJs:

  • Sociable, personable, congenial, and gracious

  • Expressive, responsive, and persuasive

Weaknesses of ENFJs:

  • worry, feel guilty, and doubt themselves

  • become insistent and controlling in their desire for harmony

  • be overly sensitive to criticism, real or imagined

  • make decisions based solely on personal values when logic is needed also

  • find it difficult to admit to problems or disagreements with people the care about

  • overlook details required to realize their ideals

  • under great stress, may find themselves suddenly and uncharacteristically critical and fault finding with others, but keep these negative opinions to themselves

The entire session was incredibly insightful. It not only allowed me to see the best ways to communicate and collaborate with my co-workers, but also ways I could improve my weaknesses and utilize my strengths in my personal relationships. Understanding my weaknesses especially will help me take that moment before reacting and responding, and I can already tell it will help me create an even stronger bond with my Plus 1.

If you ever have the opportunity to get tested for the MBTI, I strongly urge you to jump on it. Especially if you can do this in a situation where you learn how other types make decisions and the rational behind the choice. For example, as a feeler, I learned how thinkers come to conclusions and they learned how I lead with my heart first. And neither way makes us inept.

The best way to become the best you is to learn who exactly you are. Embrace all of it, highlight the great, be cognizant of your weaknesses, turn all of it into opportunities to create a perfectly wonderful you. I am very thankful to have had this chance to learn more about me.

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