Thursday, November 15, 2012

"I've Got One Thing You'll Understand, He's Not What You'd Call A Glamorous Man"

Last year, at this time I spent a week on the beach with this Motley Crew:

We were all so different, but having the bride and groom as our common interest led us to develop friendships that are still nurtured a year later. True to the definition of a motley crew, we were a "roughly organized assembly of characters" and each one of us made the story of Jamaica 2012 that much more interesting. From quiet Pete who broke his toe climbing the falls and drank copious amounts of rum to numb the pain, to newlyweds Erin and Scott who were celebrating with the news they were expecting their first child, to Team Awesome leaders Victoria and JR who discovered love at the resort while drinking away the early hours of the morning.

This group may be one of my favorite Motley Crews, but they were up against HUGE competition. 

For example, these guys are pretty awesome with their promise to never say die:

                                     Picture from here

And I am forever a fan of these guys who came together with the Mighty Flying V:

                                    Picture from here

And of course, what about those that came together to take down the Empire???

                                                      Picture from here

Who are your favorite Motley Crews? Perhaps it's these guys:

                                                       Picture from here


Anonymous said...

"Flying V" -- not "Mighty V".

Laura said...

Eek! My bad. And the thing is, I have been calling it Mighty V my entire life. In fairness, it was a "mighty" move...

Thanks for the correction, updated now! :)