Monday, January 11, 2010

Stole this quote

from Tulips and Tea....

"Happiness is taking things as they are"

Why is it so difficult to believe something so simple that could ultimately make life easier and happier? Why is the concept of achieving happiness, a relatively simple feeling, so complex? I want to be happy, I want to help make others in my presence feel happy...

Something took place today that in the long run is a blessing. But today makes me kind of sad. No details will be provided. It's hard to see conceived plans for something never fruit. It is hard to take things as they are and be okay mostly because I think we are taught to make things the best they can be. How can we learn to just take things as they are?

In other news, I should go to bed. And stop thinking. And stop speculating. And try to stop caring. It's hard to change who you are at the core though.

Also, how come new blogger post settings do not include spell check or the ability to add pictures??? What good is the strike through function really?
Sorry for any misspellings...

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