Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am greater than x, but lesser than y

Many years ago I picked up a CD based on the cover photograph of a child-like woman with coloured markers all over her face. The artist was Sia. Her album was Some People have Real Problems. I never listened to this album until earlier this week looking for something new to listen to while cooking. I AM IN LOVE ♥♥.

Her cover of I go to Sleep is amazing. Her voice is full of emotion and soul. The entire album is really speaking to me right now and has been on repeat all week. I am sure my neighbours are thrilled. I am also loving The Girl you lost to Cocaine and Academia.

The album even has a secret song Buttons(remember when CDS first were a big deal and the secret song was an even bigger one?? Hi Alanis!) that is kind of upbeat although the lyrics are kind of down.

If you ever see this album while out and about, pick it up. Or just watch Sia on youtube. She does a lot of performances where she signs the lyrics while she sings. Her stage presence is captivating because of it.

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