Sunday, January 10, 2010


Accountability is really important to me. Every time I tell someone that I will do something or be there, I try my hardest to follow through. Sure there have been emergencies when I wasn't able to attend some one's event or finish something on time, but then I make sure to let the person relying on me know.

Today, I was the host for Ice Skating at the Lagoon. It is beautiful out today (above zero) so I wasn't sure about the quality of ice, but as I love skating, I figured it would be fine (it's not like I was hosting a learn-to-triple-axle-your- way-onto-Canada's-Olympic-team event or a hockey game, it was a leisurely afternoon of free skate). I don't have a car. It is an hour or so long bus ride to the Lagoon.

I sat in front of the Cafe/Skate Rental place for over half an hour. Not a single registrant showed up (or maybe they did and didn't see me or have a cell to call me because they didn't know who or where I was???). Nor did they call or email or text me to let me know not to expect them. I am beyond choked at the wasted time. I skated a few laps, but probably because I was partly mad and mostly annoyed that I could have attended to some other things in my life, I did not enjoy myself.

I think if you tell someone you are going to be somewhere, you should go. Or at least call and let them know you won't make it after all (with plenty of notice). Because that someone is counting on you. And we all know how much it sucks to feel let down.


Dolly Iris said...

Double Grr! I just had my moms 55th bday party last night. Everyone who said they would come did but there was some people who didnt even bother to respond to me. SO RUDE!

I'm glad you at least went out and skated a few laps. :(

Janine said...

I totally understand... and have been there myself many times!!

Thank you for always being accountable... it means a lot!