Monday, July 25, 2011

Care for some gopher? *

The hot, dry air was stifling and we were thankful for the refuge of the air conditioned car as we gleefully navigated our way to the hamlet of Torrington, Alberta - home of the Torrington Inn, Torrington Pizza and the infamous Gopher Hole Museum.

Visitors from all over the world pilgrimage down the number 2 highway towards Olds, keeping keen eyes out for the faded sign that promotes the small museum that is filled with the snared and stuffed Richardson Ground Squirrels (often called Gophers) set up in various dioramas, portraying Torrington daily life.

The museum is no bigger than a double-wide trailer and there are approximately 30 different dioramas hung on the walls. Depictions of conversations taking place at the dinner table, the beauty parlor and other places around town are done both artfully and with wit. Speech bubbles over the dressed up Gophers had many patrons of the museum giggling and chuckling with friends and strangers.

Entrance into this one-of-a-kind attraction costs ONLY a twoonie per person and it is well worth the approximate 130km trek from Calgary. Pack a lunch, bring some cold drinks and enjoy Sundays the way they were meant to be enjoyed – exploring Alberta with a mini road trip off the beaten trail.

*2 points if you know what movie this quote is from


Not the Hero said...

Ever seen Dinner for Shmucks...

I had no idea this even existed. I however, will tell the truth and say I'm probably not going to make the road trip up to Torrington. Especially when you can just float down the Elbow river on a Sunday afternoon.

Laura said...

Fair enough. I haven't gone floating yet, but it is on my summer list of things to do. But if you ever happen to be on your way to Red Deer, it may be a little detour you might take :)

And you're the second person to bring up Dinner for Shmucks in relation to this, so I am going to have to watch it now.

Solitary Diner said...

Hmmm...I'm heading to Calgary next week...maybe I'll have to make a detour. It seems far too kitchy to miss.

Dolly Iris said...

You finally did it. ROFLMAO! You rock!