Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Northern Living Allowance!

Rainman and I received the care package you carefully selected and sent to us!

It was super exciting and fun to open. And Rainman was so shocked that a friend I only know through blogging and never met in real life sent me such a wonderful gift! I try to explain to him that often those I speak to online know me better than many people I speak to every minute of every day, this helped show him, rather than tell him.

I am so excited to eat and drink and scent my house with everything!

And the calendar! What a great way to show me your home. This has my wheels turning for potential Christmas gifts next year. Thanks for being so inspiring to me! :)

Thank you so very much. I was not expecting this much awesome and feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend living up North.

Laura and Jason

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