Wednesday, July 31, 2013

D-Baggery Witnessing on a Tuesday Evening

It was after dinner and we needed to pick up some supplies for the fur brats. The roads were fairly quiet -- even the main highway that is our only hub in and out of the suburban community we call home. We needed to switch over a lane to take the slip road East and although we signaled and started to make our way over, the truck behind us sped up, not allowing us in.

We swerved back over to our lane and as he passed us, he flipped US the bird.

Drivers take note. Rule number one of flipping someone off is to make sure they are not going to the same destination that you are speeding to.

Imagine his surprise when we walked into the pet store behind him. He nervously looked around while he waited in line. I threw him my perfected glare as we made our way over to the kittens and bunnies. He most likely thought we followed him there. I gave him another stink eye, he shuffled a little closer to the till. I looked him over, shook my head and we continued shopping.

We rounded up what we needed and reached the till as he made his way back out to the parking lot, looking over his shoulder once more at us. We made eye contact.

He jumped into his turbo fueled truck and took a swig of his drink.

And then proceeded to throw the bottle in the direction of Rainman's car. Rainman was livid as the D-bag rode off into the sunset, proud of his cowardly act.

We went to the car to make sure it was okay. The D-Bag had thrown the bottle beside our car knowing that our view would just show the general direction of his toss. The point behind it all is unclear. He didn't let us into the lane, he flipped us the bird, he happened to be going to the same place we were.

What is clear is he was a loser. And he threw his bottle of apple juice, still half full (perhaps in this negative situation it was half empty?), for a reaction. A reaction he didn't even get to witness. We had a good laugh.

Apple juice. All the rage for toddlers and the drink of choice for raging douche bags.

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