Monday, October 21, 2013

The Weekend

.went on a garlic fueled date at the Garlic Clove with my fiance. He has insisted that we start having a once-a-week-date-night again. Wasn't too hard to convince me.

.attended a Stella and Dot jewelry party, fell in love with a snake ring, gorged on candied bacon and sipped mimosas. Perfect Saturday morning.

.enjoyed a delicious gourmet hotdog at Tubby Dog -- I always feel a bit more bad ass after hanging out there.

.put on my brave face and went to Screamfest -- a series of haunted houses. We made it through 5 out of  6 houses before the line ups got ridiculous. After we kind of rushed through the first house, I told Rainman we should really take our time in the second house and enjoy the details. Which was all fine until some creepy zombie thing chased me with some noise making power tool and I took off running, leaving Rainman for dead. So, now he knows what would happen if we were ever in that kind of situation -- 

. created and served a Harry Potter inspired brunch with Team McAwesome at Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta. The menu included crackled dragon eggs, pumpkin pasties, golden snitches, gillyweed, and magic wands. My outfit of the day (OOTD) was heavily influenced by the characters in the novel. The brunch was well received by both kids and parents staying at the house.

.decided to get about a foot cut from the ends of my locks. My head feels a lot lighter now, despite some anxiety about losing my strength a la Samson.

.finished up my weekend with a Saskatoon Berry Martini and a new episode of The Walking Dead (in which I bawled).

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