Wednesday, May 16, 2012

April Volunteer Hours

United Way Committee: 1 hour meeting to start planning for 2012 campaign

Team McAwesome: Planning of breakfast, grocery shopping, organizing team for breakfast date: 1.5 hours
April 29 2012 Breakfast: 2 hours

EWIN: Coffee meeting with speaker for LinkedIn Lunch 'n Learn, facilitating/planning space and time for event: 1 hour
Committee  Meeting: 1 hour
LinkedIn Lunch 'n Learn: 1 hour

BBE: Selling tickets, promoting event, asking for prizing: 1 hour

Total Hours in April: 8.5 Hours

Total Hours to date: 25.5

I am still behind by 8 hours. But with Breast Brunch Ever happening this month, I have caught up for sure.

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