Sunday, May 19, 2013

11 months

We made a rule to have a mini count down date night on the 19th of every month leading up to our wedding. Today marks 11 months and counting.

We're in great shape!

We have our theme
We have a venue for both the ceremony and the reception
We know who is in the wedding party and what they are going to be wearing roughly
We have a cake designed
We have a DJ
I have my dress
We have been in contact with a graphic designer for invites
We have sent inquiries to potential officiants
We have started to explore photographers
And many other little details are falling into place.

About my dress. It was a bit of an overwhelming experience. I had my clippings of what I wanted and had both my mom and my dad there. And my beautiful maid of honor. It took 4 dresses. I walked out in the last once and just knew. And the moment I looked in the mirror I started to tear up. They brought out a head piece for me to try and I was crying. I looked at my dad holding back tears and that was it -- full on bawling.

I felt so beautiful and it hit me that I am getting married. And imagining him looking at me as I made my way down the aisle caused me to burst with emotion. It's eleven more months. And then I get to be his Mrs. I get to share his last name. I get to continue being part of our adventures creating our dream life. And I get to start our fairy tale looking fabulous.


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