Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Seven Things,,,

I am pretty sure I have done this before, but Frugal Dreamer tagged me to share again. I will hopefully come up with seven different things this time.

1)I recently found out that my cat has a play mate in the neighborhood. One day I watched all of these hares come running down the road followed by this sleek grey cat. A little bit behind this group, my husky cat was hurrying to catch up. I watched for a while and he and the other cat seemed to be hanging out. I kind of feel bad that at the end of the summer we are moving and Oryx won't be able to hang out with his friend any more.

2)I also have another blog where I have 1001 days to try and achieve 101 goals. I realized there are some things in my life that have changed priority and some of these goals do not really figure into life anymore. But I am still trying to achieve as many as possible. I hope to make another list when this round is over and work on it again.

3)I am in school right now and take course via distance learning. I have about ten courses left until I graduate which is exciting. You would think this would motivate me to work harder and complete things faster, but instead here I sit figuring out seven things about me while two papers need to be completed! I wish I could be recognized for a major in procrastination.

4)Lately I have been thinking it would be really cool to run a used book store in a small town. I am not even sure there would be a market for this sort of thing though...

5)I joined a book club and we are reading the Twilight saga. I did not really care for the first one. I found Edward to be really creepy. The second one, when he breaks it off with her, I cried and cried. I knew exactly what Bella was going through...the numbness, the pain, all of it. I am sure most woman do. Break ups suck and it was really hard to read about Bella's. I hear she gives the asshole another chance though. PS I am really not into teen fiction.

6)My brother gave me his POG collection. I want to invite everyone over for a championship. Does anyone else remember the awesomeness of this game? I think they are going to make for a fun party game...Pogs, Pizza and Pilsner night or something like that.....

7)I started a "ten things I want to do today" journal. Every morning while I sip my coffee I write ten things I want to do. Some of the things are daily or need to be done that day things. Others are just whims that I decided I wanted to do that day (for example, go on a Mediterranean cruise)....My hope is this motivates me to complete more day-to-day stuff, as well as showcase a trend of the bigger things I dream of doing and therefore help me discover more facets to me. So far, the journal definitely helps me get the day-to-day stuff done.

And there you have it. Seven things. I am now taking the easy way out and saying if you want to do it, I tag you! Just leave a comment and I will add you to an ongoing list so that others can view your seven things too.

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