Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Dolly Iris

Where are you? What is going on with life? Did you pack up early and take off for Australia? I miss you and I am worried about you as you haven't updated since Raptors danced on lava. I hope where ever you are you are okay and keeping it real.
Want to play pogs sometime? :) My slammer will take all of your milk caps AND then some!


Dear fellow bloggers (especially you running bloggers)

Check out this blog I discovered yesterday while sitting on my couch, not running. It's pretty inspirational. I kind of want to run across a continent or just a country now! It's called Ryan Runs Europe and true to its name, Ryan is running across Europe. Maybe he will find Dolly while he is doing it??? Check it out

Let me know if anyone else is up to (pretending) to run across a continent.


Dear school assignments,

I hate you. Don't call me. It's you, not me. We're through.


Dear Monday,

I am sorry you are not as fun as Friday. Tough luck. Maybe you can work out an arrangement with the next society that designs the lunar calender. But, my guess is Friday will fight you to the death for the spot of TGI....Maybe ask your home boy Tuesday to back you up???


Dear 4:00 pm,

Why are you taking your sweet time getting here? i have school assignments to finish up. Break ups are hard and loose ends need to be taken care of. School assignments are not impressed that I kicked them to the curb. But they also know me, and know I will probably take them back. Not by choice, but because of the degree carrot they dangle. Oh great 4:00 pm, you're here. And I'm out!