Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye June

You came and went way too fast. As usual, its the last day and I am still furiously typing away in order to have everything handed in for CMNS 358 by midnight (still technically June 30).
My goal for July is to work on procrastination. Does anyone have any ideas, tips, guru's advise on how to get out of the habit of procrastination? It's a 27 year old habit, but I still think there is hope. And for the record "just do it" hasn't helped me yet. I keep thinking there is lots of time to get things done and, well, here I am, typing away furiously.

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psychsarah said...

Good luck with finishing your June assignments. There are a lot of tricks to help yourself with procrastination.

When I was finishing my dissertation while on residency (residency=full time job), one thing I found that helped was working on it very regularly-about 45-60 min per day, 5-6 days per week (probably more than you need to for your course by the way). By doing a bit at a time, it progressed slowly but surely. It worked a lot better than trying to write a chapter the night before sending it off to my advisor! This got me out of the trap of "needing" a huge chunk of time to work on it (which never ever materialized).

I also adore to-do lists. I would break my big task into itty bitty tasks, so that I would check items off my to-do list quite often, which I personally found motivating. For example, instead of writing "do assignment", break it into things like: select topic, decide on search terms for the lit review, run search terms and check articles/books that sound interesting, go online/to library to collect resources, create outline for paper, write first argument etc. You get the point.

Different things work for different people. I'm sure others will add their tricks. Good luck! Now stop procrastinating reading comments and get to work :)