Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

What makes me happy:
1) The start of a new month. Fresh possibilities. A chance to redeem myself of last month's mistakes. A clean slate. (BTW...has anyone ever used a slate? or just a saying we use that has no real relevance to any point in our lives? Should we change it to opening a new window?)
2)Finishing projects even if they are a day late. Hoping that the tutor will still mark even if some marks are docked.
3)Fireworks. Except in the city, fireworks are kind of lame. Best Canada Day was spent in Brockville Ontario and we watched the fireworks launched on the St. Lawrence river. The reflections were beautiful.

Today is a new month. New goals to be made.

1)Learn ways to change my habit of procrastination. Still looking for tips if you have some.
2)15 no spend days
3)1 hour of homework every night (reading, writing, getting 'er done.)2 essays written for CanLit. Schedule final exam for that course (July 29th?)
4) Eating out of this house only once on July 30th for book club meeting. (No cafeteria at lunch or vending machines or stopping for coffee) JUST TO CLARIFY: No spending money on food outside of the house. Pancake breakfasts and BBQs are fine as long as they are free :)))

The eating out goal may be difficult. Stampede starts on Friday and I am working twice down on the grounds. Mini Donuts, cowboy popcorn, corndogs, and deep fried coca cola are calling my name! BUT I will be strong!!!!


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Northern Living Allowance said...

Good luck with your July goals! I agree, it's nice to wipe the slate clean (there's another reference for you!) and be able to look at a fresh month...

As for fireworks, I sure miss 'em! Fireworks at the Inner Harbour in Victoria were simply awesome. 24-hr daylight sorta works against having fireworks...*sigh*...