Thursday, July 16, 2009

Borrowed Money

I borrowed $10,000 from my dad. He gave me 5 years to pay it back. It's in my down payment fund and I now feel more on my way to owning my own home.

After I pay off my loan (which I hope will be next month), I am going to start using that money every month to pay my dad back and towards my VISA ($300 a month).

I used some of that money (that I borrowed) towards Molly's medical expenses last week. She is responding well to the medicine and seems to be a happy puppy. Two of her medications I was able to get generic brands for which saved some money. The other one is only available through the vet and is hella-expensive! But to see her prancing around like she is a puppy again is worth it.

In other news, I have to work a shift at the Calgary Folk fest handing out swag and in turn received two weekend passes! Woot, Woot! 3 Hours of work for a free weekend of music is worth it.

Tonight I am going dress shopping for the Halloween wedding that I am a bridesmaid in in October. I need to find something long, flowy and black, and looks like something a bride of Dracula would wear.

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