Friday, July 3, 2009

Petting Zoos

Today was my corporate employment's family Stampede breakfast (anyone from the C-spot will understand the ten days of flap jacks that occur every year in July -- IT'S AWESOME!!). Anyway, with my pancakes, I was also given western scrambled eggs, sausages and hash browns! And as it was a family event, there were bucket truck rides, caricatures drawn, and a petting zoo. This was all free (to keep with the PF part of my blog)!!!!!

I am the biggest child when it comes to petting zoos. Seriously. I was the oldest person in there by at least 20 years. There is just something about lambs and kids (baby goats) and bunnies and chicks. Every time I see a petting zoo I need to go. EXCEPT I always leave feeling sad. Like the animals are scared because 5-year-olds are pushing straw into their faces. And instead of stroking the animals, they have this rough petting (wait -- an epiphany...are teenage boys and some young adult men I have known still dealing with petting zoo syndrome???).

I keep hoping that I will stumble upon this magical petting zoo where the animals appear to be enjoying all of the attention the way my cat does. And I think deep down I know that this magical petting zoo doesn't exist unless I start my own farm...could I be a farmer?? Thoughts to ponder over the weekend I suppose.


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