Friday, July 10, 2009

Yesterday sucked

Molly (my dog) had to be rushed to the pet emergency room as she was having difficulty breathing. She has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is on a three medications now. I was so scared/worried/nervous while I waited in the family room for her tests to be run.
Let me tell you why you get pet insurance. They wanted to keep Molly for a few days. It could cost up to $2000 they said. I asked them to run the tests first and then we could decide. The tests came to $661.14. Molly will now be on medication the rest of her life. Her medication will cost me approximately $16.07/day (this could change as she may not have to take one of the pills the rest of her life). I love her very much and wouldn't not take care of her because of the cost so please don't misread this.
The vet told me that she was alert and responsive, and although he recommended Molly should be admitted, he would let her go home. I have an appointment with my vet tomorrow to follow up as well as look into the prescribed food that she will need to be on now.

Sometimes I feel like I get two steps forward and 15 back when it comes to money. but like I said, I love her and will do anything to make sure she is comfortable. She is ten years old and I would like to see her last years alive as happy as her first years were.


Anonymous said...

Aw... poor dog!! I would do the same thing. A dog becomes part of the family and is just as important!! :)

Northern Living Allowance said...

How scary! Poor Molly and poor you! I'm glad Molly will be around for a long while yet. It's difficult enough to have to make decisions regarding your pet regardless of how much you love them, so when cost can become a factor it makes it that much harder. The vet offered me some steroids for Elmo during his last couple of days, but I couldn't face having to what amounted to simply delaying the inevitable Decision. I'm very glad to hear about Molly. She's adorable and is lucky to have someone who loves and cares for her as much as you do. Please give her a cuddle from me! Sending good thoughts your way.

Dolly Iris said...

I'm sorry Molly is having health issues. When my pet rat Cherri was still alive she was very sickly and it was very costly. Once we had to have the tip of her tail amputated and it was over $400. Some people thought we were stupid and said we could buy 8 rats for that kind of money. Truth is.. there would never be another rat like Cherri and she was my baby. I would have done anything to save her and make sure she was ok.

Canadian Saver said...

I'm another one who's spent and spent on a pet... my beloved Lab had cancer for over a year and I probably spent over $10,000 in treatments and treats and food and .... whatever I could to save him. I don't regret a dime of that money, just wish for a better outcome.

I hope Molly gets better soon!!! I know other dogs who are on similar meds and are doing ok :-)