Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Long Weekend

Thank you. I really need you. Your timing is fabulous.


Dear Loan

What are you going to do when I request the final payment this weekend? This is one break up that I think I am going to be okay with in my life. I appreciate you helping me to focus on budgeting the last couple of years. But start packing you stuff. You're out of here as soon as they take out the last planned payment and reassess the interest.


Dear compiled Stuff from the last 27 years of my existence

I am tired of packing you up. I have fond memories of some of you and some things I have no recollection of how you even entered my life. You do get to be part of a weekend weed out this long weekend and then hopefully someone else will discover you and love you in ways that I can not. Stuff I don't care about, you deserve better than me.


Dear time on my hands filling my brain with way too many thoughts

Leave me alone


1 comment:

Dolly Iris said...

I really need to ditch some of my sentimental junk too. Free yourself!