Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weekend Weedout

I am moving at the end of August. And I don't want to move a whole bunch of "stuff" that I really have no need for. So every weekend, I will spend Saturday morning weeding through my garden of junk.

Today I am getting rid of:

~Cat toy bought for Oryx as a kitten that he hasn't played with in an eon...except right now. He thinks its awesome. Isn't that always the way?
~Kettle from Sunbeam. My dad bought me a new kettle in February when this one stopped working. There is no reason to keep this one around
~The healing garden zzz theraphy "good night kiss body mist". Was a gift and I have never used it
~Massage oil. Again a gift that I have never used
~Votive Holder
~Tealight oil infuser thing...not sure what this is called. BUT I don't use it
~Pisces decorative seashell gifted to me from someone who found it at a garage sale.
~The secret Fairy mom gave this to me to cheer me up. But I think a little girl will appreciate it more.
~Sephora make up bag that Sephora was giving away at the Chinook centre Stampede breakfast 3 years ago (you didn't think I would let a post go by without some sort of reference to Stampede did you?)
~Cheap make up bag from dollar store
~Smelly "Melon" Soap that some one thought I would like. I don't. It's never been out of the box
~Decorative paperweight led lit thing that was a gift with purchase
~Broken ceramic fish for when I thought I wanted a fish themed bathroom
~Some container that stationary came in. I used to pen pal when I was a kid. Thinking about starting that again....

Pretty good start to a weekend weed out! :) Everything broken will be going in the garbage. Everything else I will be dropping off at the Salvation Army bin in 10 minutes. Out of site, out of mind, out of my life.


FB @ said...

*squints* That black and white makeup bag (?)) at the back looks familiar. I think I own it! :)

Good job on decluttering. Esp on the useless kettle..

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I have a ceramic fish that I think about getting rid of every time I notice it. I am about to go notice it into a pile of stuff I have ready for the goodwill. Thanks for the reminder!