Friday, October 23, 2009

An Afternoon of Hockey

I am back at the office today. Just in time to join my floor hockey team for the United Way Floor Hockey Championship. It was $50 a team to enter and all proceeds go to United Way. There are also hot dog lunches for $5 (chips and a soda included) as well as you can pay $2 to show off your mad hockey skills. Every goal made gets your name entered to win Flames tickets.

Last night's Food and Fiction was a heavy debate about The Time Traveller's Wife. We questioned if Henry was selfish and gave Clare no choice by visiting her when she was 6 and telling her they were meant to be. Except when Clare is 20 and meets Henry's 28 year old self who has never even heard of Clare, she gives him the same story. So did they trap each other into this relationship OR would it all have happened anyway? If you read the novel, please leave your thoughts.

AND it's the weekend. One week till Jsquared's Halloween wedding. I have a lot to get done this weekend for my road trip to North Battleford.

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