Monday, October 19, 2009

A Working Vacation

My work sent me up to Edmonton to help out during small business week. I love manning the display tables/booths and talking with people. And I love the posh hotel rooms that come with this. AND I love my erratic schedule of an hour here, an hour there.
I am just sitting in my hotel room, reading, playing cafe world and thinking. I want to go on a writing retreat. My mom gave me a book about how to create writing retreats when you can't get away. I should open this book and see if it's as good as it appears.

On the weekend was GirlTalk's Jubilation theatre night which was showing Thank you Mr. Presley. I was the host for the table and therefore felt the need to channel some Elvis (with a touch of Priscilla inspiration). The show was excellent. It described 4 different couples at Heartbreak Hotel who were in different stages in love: The newly found couple who are smitten, the newly married couple thinking about starting a family, the married couple who seemed to have lost their spark and the old couple that enviously hold hands while walking to the Zellers diner. Through out the drama that unfolded for each couple, the ghost of Elvis offered sage advice and many of the stories were told through his songs. I really enjoyed this take on the King's music. The food was okay (it is one of four dishes, all cooked the same for everyone) and the drinks were fabulous! I had a blue suede booze -- so yummy :)

Three ladies attended this event with me and each was so unique. I find the more opportunities and events I attend with this group, the more confidence I gain in myself. Two book club events left this month -- both look to be full of awesome discussion. We read the Time Traveller's Wife and Eat, Pray, Love this month.
Here is my Elvis-inspired outfit:

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