Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Weekend and a Busy Week

What a fantastic weekend.

I was able to attend the ballet and watched Romeo and Juliet leap and twirl through out Verona. I sat in my usual Silver (aka second) Balcony seats, but had row A so didn't have to worry about any body's head. My ballet partner is moving out of the province so I am taking applications for a new partner. I still want to see Moulin Rouge and Elton this season.

This morning was GirlTalk's Books and Brunch, and once again conversation was great. Everyone had a similar story to share that related to Eat, Pray, Love. I also have a lot of thinking to do from the sage advice I listened to today in regards to my own relationship situation. The idea of making the wrong decision terrifies me. The idea of life always being like this terrifies me. That said, if somebody would like to finance a year long journey abroad for me so I can figure some things in life out...I AM GAME :)

This afternoon, I went to the Hitman hockey game courtesy of the company I work for. WHL games are pretty fun and the kids are right into it...dancing and cheering up a storm.

I leave Wednesday morning for North Battleford and THE Halloween wedding of the year. I have so much to do in the next two days at work and at home to get ready for this. I am super excited to put the final touches on my costume/ bridesmaid's dress. I am also kind of excited for November, when I won't have wedding costs to deal with and can maybe focus on my finances (remember my finances? They are in a bit of an SOS situation right now...mostly because I have let things slip).

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