Sunday, February 6, 2011

200 Volunteer Hours in 2011 Challenge

I mentioned earlier that I challenged myself to give back 200 hours of my time volunteering with different organizations. Yesterday I helped out the Canadian Red Cross with a fundraising casino. I was "hired" in the banker position and I have never in my life touched so much money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in my hands. I was a little giddy. And stacking the hundreds in stacks of $5000 was one of the highlights of my shift.

The casino itself was busy, but the shift was slow. We had a little bit of a rush before dinner as people cashed in their chips before leaving for home, but other than that I spent most of my day getting to know a group of people I would have never met in any other situation. And we discussed everything from politics to religion to best restaurants in town. The group was super diverse with people from different parts of the world so the view points that everyone had really created a super interesting conversation.

I "worked" 8 hours yesterday which is a great start to my challenge. And the people I met provided me with a lot more ideas and connections to get more volunteer hours in.

Very awesome day!

There is a digital film fest happening in Calgary right now, so this afternoon I am going to go watch The Goonies on the big screen. SUPER STOKED! Sometimes, my life is awesome :)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Go Goonies! I love that movie. Hope you enjoyed it.

Dolly Iris said...

Way to go on the volunteer hours :)

Goonies forever!