Sunday, February 27, 2011

On finding your passion

Last Thursday, the department at work I just joined had an off site. We began the morning discussing 2010 and where we wanted to go in 2011. And then we spent the afternoon broken into teams of 3 or 4, mastering the art of sweeping and throwing rocks. There were prizes for team themes and costumes, and it was awesome seeing so much creativity on the curling rink (is it called a rink?).

Before the afternoon team building event, we were treated to a guest speaker. Cori Morris (nee Bartel) was the lead on the Canadian Women's Curling Team in the 2010 Olympics. She shared with us her passion and how she works to get there.

The most interesting part of this talk was that Cori's passion was not really a specific thing. It wasn't baking or gardening or curling. Her passion was making herself better. When she mentioned this it was like a light went off in my head. I do all of these things and make all of these plans and imagine all of these outcomes in the hope that I will truly stumble upon the one thing that causes me great elation. The honest truth (redundant? yes, but I'm cool with it) is, I do most of these things because I want to be the best me I can be. I try so many various activities and hobbies imagining all of the time that I will find that "one" thing that will take over my life (in a good way).

But what if, like Cori, my passion is just becoming better. Working hard every day becoming a stronger, smarter, talented person? I enjoy that process of learning and attempting to master so many different hobbies. And if I start really throwing myself into doing things because I love that it will help me become a better person, then it means I have stumbled upon my passion too. And all of those hobbies and activities become even more enjoyable. It just seems win-win.

Another part of Cori's speech was about the Olympics. She described how she felt standing on the podium accepting the silver medal and how the one thing she would change if she could that day would be to smile bigger. To be more proud that she made it not only to the Olympics, but she placed in one of the top positions. The take-away for me while listening to this story was that one should smile bigger with each little accomplishment. Really enjoy the moment and the sense of being apt, capable, strong and worthy. I think too often we don't really realize how much we have conquered and completed in our lives to get where we are today.

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