Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Wedding-ness Day!

A few fun developments this week on the wedding front as we start focusing more on pinning down the details.

  • We have selected and booked our venue. Waiting for the contract in the mail to sign, seal and deliver.
  • This means we have also a date set in stone (possible wedding pun that I will overuse in the next 15 months)!
  • As you know, we picked our theme and colours right away -- which has helped me in determining some of the decor items to keep my eyes out for. Think "martini glasses"
  • I have an appointment tomorrow evening to discuss my candy buffet to match the colour and theme!! Not going to lie, but I am really hoping there is some sort of tasting element to this.
  • We have had friends offer their services ( the cake and DJ-ing) at a discounted rate for our day. This is great because it feels like we are supporting their business while they are supporting us on our day. Win-win!
  • We have our tentative guest list and are seriously considering evites. There will also be a hashtag for my tweeters and instagramers on our day too. It just wouldn't be my wedding without social media.
My beautiful maid of honour gifted me with a bride book to keep track of to-dos and our budget. We are well ahead of schedule right now. My thoughts are that we continue being well ahead of schedule and that way, it's only slightly stressful those last few weeks that I still go by my maiden name. I think we all know that it's still going to be hectic with last minute details, but it feels great that big stuff is out of the way!

YAY! I'm gettin' married. This became super real to me this week :)

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