Saturday, February 9, 2013


While flossing my teeth this morning I thought about the time I decided to start regularly flossing to prove to my dentist that it was his hygienist's poking into my gums with sadistic hooks that was causing my gums to bleed, not my lack of care. I had four months until my next appointment and made a promise to myself that I would floss every single day in that time frame, mark it down and show him when he stated that it appeared I needed to floss more as his office looked like a scene from Dexter. Okay. In fairness, it wasn't that bad. I was just more of an occasional flosser and this would be a challenge to instill the habit. And it paid off. I have minimal bleeding now during my appointments and less scaling occurs.

After flossing my teeth, I normally enter my bedroom and make my bed. This habit started for me during a down period in my life. I read an idea  in "It's called a Breakup because it's broke" stating messy head, messy bed. The world reflects what's going on inside. And if you can't control those feelings, start doing things like making your bed and washing your dishes. And so, I made a promise to myself that until I sorted out all of the garbage going on, I would make my bed every morning showing the world I was ready to take it on.

It's amazing how productive you can feel by starting your day with flossed teeth and a made bed. It motivates you to wash those breakfast dishes, tackle those despised tasks at work, send that email, eat a salad for lunch, walk the dog for a few minutes longer, say hello to a stranger.

And soon enough, you realize you are committed to these two simple tasks with out even thinking about it.

As we all know, I have fallen deeply in love. He is amazing and adds so much to my life. And in the last couple years of our courtship, I have added 20 lbs onto my frame. We enjoy cooking together, we enjoy pub nights, movie nights, board game nights. And although we for enjoy going for bike rides, playing hockey, skating, sledding, walks with the dog, the output is not equal to the input.

And we have the wedding coming up. These are moments that will be captured for eternity on film, instagram and possibly video. I want to look my best. And with 14 months before the day, it means making the commitment to add in a fitness regime that shortly becomes as much of a habit as flossing my teeth and making my bed. I started this week out with 2 runs and 2 yoga sessions. I even opted for water over wine one evening (who am I??).

It's time for me to push myself. It's time to train like a beast and look like a beauty. It's time for me to eat clean while working out dirty. It's time for me to commit.

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