Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Looking back

I wrote this post in 2010 -- imagining what classes I would like to take if I could create a life curriculum.

This is why putting it out to the Universe works.

One of my fun classes for life was a Cooking with Friends class, another was putting the Fun in Fundraising. Which Team McAwesome covers.

It's interesting to me that the first two have come to fruition and are still developing. Which means I have renewed faith that more of those fun life classes will be passed with flying colours.

For example, just last weekend we took the short drive out to a little town near us (road trips and travelling) to do some antiquing to find pieces to decorate the house with.

And we are going to embark on a 365 day movie challenge to save money in our last year as an unmarried couple and are sure to concentrate on those 80s films we loved as kids.

There are still other classes on that life list that need some attention (ahem...budgeting) and probably a dance class that needs to be dropped as I am not as entertained as I once was with the bar scene.  It's very cool to see this list written over 2 years ago and forgotten about knowing that unconsciously I have been plugging away to complete my personal degree in life studies.

Here's the original class list:

Cooking with Friends (includes special Christmas Baking with Friends workshop every year)

Putting the Fun in Fundraising: planning events that people love attending for great causes

Freelance writing while sitting in a beach chair: How to get there

Road Trips: The Art of Discovering the Hidden Gems Everywhere

Decorating: How to turn your apartment into the place that makes you happiest (with a special "Don’t be afraid to use colour" work shop!)

Understanding Films (with a major concentration on 80s adventure films)

Dance: Grooving the night away to killer live music at your favorite drinkin’ holes

Money Management 101: How to do everything you want while on a budget

Conquering Fear: Getting out there and doing it today!

Travel: See New Parts of the World 4 Times a Year!

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